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Thread: Diaper ID please

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    Looks like Absorin slip (orange is the most absorbant)


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    Attends breathable. Some variation of that depending of thickness (regular or extra absorbant). You can tell from the tapes.

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    looks like a attrends breathable. I ordered a sample of one on especialneeds before.

    If it dsoesn't have a plastic outer cover, that's likely want it is.

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    No leak guards, tapes, orange...

    I'd say Attends Extended Wear, cloth backed.

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    looks like the ones I picked up in Belize once on vacation.. they weren't very good tho

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    they look like the store brand stuff. they go by various names.

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    Attends Extended Wear I believe also they as good as the old Attends with waistband in terms of absorbency. They are way over priced in my belief. The absorbency level is horrible for the price. It contains a couple of wettings before needing changing.

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