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Thread: Ordering outside of UK Nappies

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    Default Ordering outside of UK Nappies

    I am just wondering if anyone know any good websites outside the uk to order nappies because I like to try different brands but cheap for shipping to the uk ?

    If anyone can help please repley

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by XperiaHusky View Post
    uh depends on the brands you might to try I guess.
    anything really if you can get cheap shipping or not to much on shipping

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    | Sanitaetsfachhandel Save Express Oliver Weidlich Sanitaetshaus

    been around for ages, loads of brands, and if you wish you can order just a couple of each to see what you like.

    I'm in UK and its my first choice of supplier.

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    I normally just look on Ebay, but pick from another country and see what comes up.
    Wow! Thanks blob! Just checked out the website, looks really good!

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