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    So yeah. Red vs Blue Season 10 is starting Memorial Day 2012! To be honest, I lost interest for a while during Season 9, but that was linked to my computer dying.

    So what did you guys like about Season 9? Previous Seasons? What do you think some larger plot events are gonna be like? CGI or not? Well?

    What is Red vs Blue?

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    Awesome! A TB that watches RvB. I didn't think many people here were interested in anything related to gaming until now. It has been a while since I watched RvB. Thanks for reminding me!

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    I might be a biiiiit hyper right now

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    ARGHBLARG i am SOOOOOOOO hyped about this!!
    it's DEFINITELY looking to be orgasmically good.

    (also, something else is VGHS. tv-quality online series)

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    I <3 RVB! I loved season 9, so season 10 can't be far behind.

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    Well, the first episode of season 10 is out. Usual fair, some nice eye candy. All in all, it wasn't bad, but nothing to cream yourself over.

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    Omg first episode was pretty bawseeeee I sat at school with my iPad loaded on the RT page waiting for 12:00PM (aest) for it to come up and watched it in the middle of class :3 it was pretty epic I can't wait for the next episode

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