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Thread: Are old Depends any good??

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    Default Are old Depends any good??

    I was at Goodwill the other day and notice two packages of diapers. One really old package of Depends and one that was just plain clear with blue diapers that appeared to be briefs... I didn't buy cause i was with my mom but should i try going there and buying them??

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    Yes. I recommend them. They hold a lot and are pretty high quality in my opinion. Also since you have a store near you that sells them. BONUS!

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    IDK how cheep but there was only 13 or 16 in the package.

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    If you found the old green depends they are the original. If the price is right I would buy them. I found 4 more packages of the Depends Maximum with tabs yesterday at Walgreens. They were still on the first markdown. They are now very hard to find at any Walgreens. I will add them to my collection if the price is $3.79 or lower.

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