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Thread: When wetting, why shouldn't you let it all out at once?

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    Default When wetting, why shouldn't you let it all out at once?

    On here, I've seen a lot of people claiming that wetting in short spurts helps better soak up their pee and prevent leaking. Why is this, and is there a difference?

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    Most diapers especially not the high end ones that costs over a buck per diaper can withstand a torrential stream of urine from a otherwise healthy bladder. Most IC people don't lose control all at once, they just sort of leak slowly. They can absorb a lot, but they just can't do it quickly enough to support a normal bladder, thus why they WILL leak if you let go all at once and not in bursts.

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    Because most—if not all—store bought diapers (Depends, Goodnites, etc) aren't capable of taking a whole bladder's worth of pee in one continuous stream. They simply cannot absorb the pee fast enough, thus, the diaper leaks.

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    There is possibly an age factor here. (What do others think?) When I was 16 my natural pee sequence was to flood the whole lot out in one big stream. It would not have been natural for me to split the sequence into bursts. Now, particularly when wearing a diaper, a continuous flood is unusual unless I've had a large quantity to drink, or have been prevented from going for some time. It comes naturally in bursts and, as other posters suggest, it is nice to have the diaper absorb gradually and avoid leaks.

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    This is another reason I like premium diapees like the Dry 24/7. I find that I can flood them and they very rarely leak. For flooding, the "thin discreet" diapers that are so popular in stores just don't cut it. You must use a diaper with a lot of padding and absorbent material to wick up liquids quickly.

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    Give it a try both ways and you'll find out why

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    Hmm, I'm going to be home alone for a week during the day in the summer and might do experimenting...Ahh the joys of childhood. It's definitely going to be a fun week

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    Wetting a little bit regularly allows the nappy time to absorb and wick away the wetness, potentially allowing more of its capacity to be used.

    A good quality premium nappy will hold a real full bladder flood, as long as it happens in the right place, but you will still get more out of it by wetting slowly. There's nothing like holding until reasonably desperate then just letting it go full blast, on occasions though - you just have to be prepared to change a bit sooner!

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    Think of it like a potted plant. If you dump a whole lot of water in at once, it just spills out; but if you pour it in slowly, then it gives it a chance to soak it all up.

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