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Thread: FANtastic problem

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    Default FANtastic problem

    Anyone have any experience with fan controllers, or programs that control fans? Because if someone has, that would be a great help to me, if not, then I'm kinda screwed.

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    Well, I do. Be more specific, maybe I can help.

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    Too lazy to walk across the room and turn on the fan? You need a remote?!

    Lazy Americans! My gosh stop eating chalupas all the time!

    Oh, and yeah, details pl0x.

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    I have a fan, Chassis/Case fan.

    It is plugged into my motherboard, I have a fan controller built into my case, I't doesn't have enough plugs for this next fan, can I buy a PSU cable splitter, so I can add it to the output plug that controlls the fans? They are only $2 so I think it might be worth a try, and I doubt that it could damage it, anyway if not, I have speedfan, which, I cannot get to control any fans, is this because I have many other programs doing the same thing?

    Is that enough detail, or do you want more.

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    Not 100% sure what you are doing, but I'll give it a shot. Splitting the output from a fan controller should be ok, but splitting the output from fan plug on the mobo is not ok. I've seen people draw too much current on the mobo fan outputs and essentially fry them (on good mobos too, ie: asus)

    If was wrong in understanding, perhaps draw out how you're going to hook it up in paint (a sche-paint-matic).

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