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Thread: What do people have against shrinks?

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    Default What do people have against shrinks?

    I'm always really confused by people when they are told by their parents that they need to see a shrink when they got caught. I always saw it as a good thing, but people always react like it's a god-awful thing. One recent thread said it was an "extreme measure", which I thought was bizarre. It seems perfectly reasonable for a parent to want their kid to see a shrink if they are doing something like this. This isn't normal. That's not to say it's bad, just that it's something that, for a parent, makes sense to get checked out, to make sure there isn't something more serious going on.

    For the most part, shrinks recognize that it is not harmful, and that the important thing is to keep it private. From what I've heard, they usually side against the parents and say that it can't be "fixed", but that it doesn't hurt anybody, so just live and let live.

    I keep getting this feeling that people think that shrinks only deal with insane people, which is just patently false. To me, that's like saying the only reason to see a doctor is surgery.

    So... what exactly is the problem with seeing a professional?

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    I think it's just the stigma associated with seeing a mental health professional. If it gets out that you're seeing one, it could create a bad 'image' for you. Or perhaps people just don't want to have the possibility of hearing that they're crazy? I'm not sure, really. I've never had to see one, and I don't see one in my foreseeable future, but who knows I might need to. I'm not gonna just try to avoid it or anything, either, unlike many.

    My point is, I think it's just an ego thing, more than anything else.

    ~Eärendur Aldaríon

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    Because seeing a shrink means there is something wrong with you. If you don't think you have a problem, then you aren't going to think you need to see one. That is like telling a gay person they need to see one for their homosexuality. Tell a diaper lover they need to see one for that would be offensive for them too.

    Plus my parents were still against diapers after they have been told why I was into them by my shrink and psychiatrist. But I did have a shrink who seemed to e against it because he said it was not socially appropriate and that it was taboo and an uncommon interest I have and he compared diapers to drugs and guns. I do agree to an extent that diapers can be like a drug. You get addicted to them and it's hard to quit. then you get the compulsion to wear and you crave it.

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    how about electronic medical records.....

    i wouldn't want a lot of what i got floating around i my brain-pan put in my elect med record for ever and ever. why would i ever want the self-inflicted wounds of my youth to show up on my adult medical records. for that matter, why would i want my SRS to show up there either?

    people have had lots of reasons over the years not to see a shrink. or to pay for said shrink out of their own pocket to keep the file private....

    but for those who still want to see one.... first off, what type do you see? a Counselor. or a Psychologist. or maybe a Psychiatrist...... how do you pick, do you know the difference? i mean as a tranny having had SRS and a few other brain-farts, i have seen all of these types of health-care people. there is only one of them that can give out meds. there are only two of them that can sign for your SRS. only one of them does marriage counseling i think. any of them can send you to the funny-farm if they think that you are a danger to your self.

    and then there are the specialities that some of them work in. it doesn't do any good to go to any of these guys if you got little's walking around in your head and the doc says to you "i have never seen that but we can see what we can do about it"..... no, if you think that you are what-ever, OCD, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, just nuts..... then look-up that specialist. there are shrinks who do specialize.

    you need to know what each one is for before you can pick the one who is right for you. and please remember that electronic records will probable go everywhere eventually, and quite probably last forever.

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    Skrinks pollute the mind and stand in the way of self-healing. I strongly recommend you pick up a copy of Hubbard's "Dianetics" instead of paying thousands of dollars on professional help.

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    I don't have anything against good mental health. The reason I think so many of us have a problem with it is for the same reason we don't explain to others causally what our sexual fetishes are.

    On the one hand we know we have to address this problem somehow eventually but on the other no one needs to know what gets me off.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I have no problem with psychologists. My counselor has really helped me a lot over the years.

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    I admit that some physiologist/shrinks/physiatrist/councilors (here after called physiologist) do some good for some people. The problem is that they also hurt alot of people. I would be willing to say more then any help, but that is just my opinion.

    I admit, I hate physiologists. My hatred comes from my poor experiences with them. Out of desperation I have seen 4 different physiologist, and been hurt by 6 (my mom's and sister's physiologist) I have never had a good experience with one from when I was only a teenager, to now as an adult.

    1. The first outright lied to me. After that our session failed because I couldn't trust her at all. (age 12)
    2. The Sound, dumped me (said he would no longer help me) when my parents wouldn't agree to included my sibling in the sessions. They knew that eventually, if they knew, I would end up teased more at school when one of them slipped and told there friend (which it eventually did when they found out and I was teased alot more because of it). Rather then listen to my parents and adapt in order to help me, he just dump me. (age 13)
    3. The third, destroyed my relationship with my Mom, in a the name of her self esteem regarding my dad and her, something I had no control over). It took a decade to get back to where we were. (age 15 and I refused to go to another for 15 years)
    4. The fourth, was a "Repressed Memory" advocate, who convinced my sister she had been raped by 8 different people. It absolutely, couldn't have happened. Not, didn't, couldn't. We know this medically and logically, and I'm not going to explain it. It destroyed her life, her marriage, our entire families relationship with her, her faith, and now she is addicted to drugs living day to day at her drugged out friend houses. I would not be surprised if one day I got a call about her over-dosing. All this happen because some physiologist could practice her "Repressed Memory" theory, which has now been defunct as a physiology theory. (My age was 23)
    5. The fifth accuse me of lying to get anti-depressant drugs (why would anyone lie to get anti-depressants is beyond me) which ruined my session. (age 25)
    6. The last just blamed all my current issues in life on my parents, which even I knew wasn't true. I didn't come to her to "Blame my Parents". All the money I spent on her was a total waste. (age 30)

    The issue I see is that the whole physiology field is open to the physiologist own "opinions". One physiologist would tell you the being a Diaper Lover, while being a crutch for some other emotional issue, is not abnormal. The other would call you a freak, in physiology lino. You go to one and he says your suffering form X, you go to another and your suffering from Y, all the time, you may be suffering from Z. There is to much subjectivity in physiology. I will never, ever see one again.

    However, again, I admit that, some people get help from physiologist. I know some of those people. I just think they do much more harm then good.

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    There is a pervasive stigma with seeking help from a Mental Health professional. The number of high profile and questionable cases involving unethical, misguided, or malicious practitioners contributes to that.
    While my experiences haven't generally been bad, they do emphasize the need to ensure you know what's going on and why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    Because seeing a shrink means there is something wrong with you. If you don't think you have a problem, then you aren't going to think you need to see one.
    Basically it's this attitude. If you have depression or DID then a shrink is a God send and you can end up raving about how good they are because you are after help and a cure but when you're forced to go to one for something that you don't see as a problem (like gay teens who are sadly sent by misinformed parents) it can be seen as being sent to some place to get a cure for something that doesn't need curing.

    TBH I agree that if I was a parent and didn't know what this was then a shrink would be on my mind at least until I can get confirmation that there is nothing wrong with this and if that does only take one session then that's all I'd make them do, the thing is that we have the teen who doesn't think that there is anything wrong with them and the session is pointless and the parent who just wants to make sure that there is nothing wrong their child. We have to remember that all parents want to know that their child is happy and healthy and little things like finding out your child likes diapers as a teen can wobble that platform and cause a little bit of worry, sure there will be some parents who are looking for a cure but there are parents who are just looking out for you and hoping that there aren't further problems beyond this.

    Besides I don't really the harm in one session, being a teen is fucking tough and sometimes it is nice to be able to talk someone in complete confidence.

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