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    I have been wearing medium Abena extras for the past year and they only seem to last for 4-5 hours before they leak or clump up. The heat in Florida is also unbearable. I am thinking of switching up to Dry24/7 and wearing the same diaper all day. I cannot afford to go through 2 abena extras at $1 a diaper. I wear for fun so I don't want to spend frivolous amounts of money. At night I just wear cloth. Do any of you wear Dry 24/7 during the day? How does it go? My abena's smell like pee after 2 or 3 hours. Does the supossed odor netralization and pH buffer in the Dry 24/7 actually work? Anyway I am sitting in a sample Dry 24/7 in class right now. It is not exactly discreet...

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    I tend to wear the 3's during the day, good balance of performance and comfort/discretion. If you're sitting all morning long in one diaper and wetting, you're probably going to clump and leak. Even sweating alone is going to start them clumping given time. If you're wearing just for fun I would suggest not wetting them until you're at most only a few hours from home and a change. This will give you some time in a dry comfortable diaper.

    I'd like to see someone manufacture a diaper with padding that is woven together like some of the booster are, so the material wouldn't clump. I don't know of any that currently are that way though.

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    tranquility atn are pretty good for during the day. they keep thier shape well and can take a fair amout of wetness. i like depends too. but you'll have to either change during the day or just wet in small amounts.

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    i second bambinod maybe going to an m3 would be a good thing to look into your definitely going to be spotted if you keep wearing dry 24 7 .tranquility also is a good brand i kind of think of them as what depends could be if they cared enough to make a good product.

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    Try Molicare Super (the thin T-shaped one, not the thick Super Plus). They're discreet, absorbent, and have a unique stretchy cover that helps them hold together better.

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    Depends underwear for men (or women) is really discrete and comfortable but it kinda lacks in absorbency. However if your looking for an all day diaper it won't be small.

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    I already wear M3 aka extras... I wore a dry 247 today and it was perfectly discreet, and... no leaks! I also don't smell of pee even though I had coffee at one point. I have been wearing the same diaper all day and feel relatively dry and very comfy. My diaper is so big and comfy I am having to resist the urge to roll around on the floor playing with my toes like a two year old.

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    *you completely fail to prevent yourself from rolling around on the floor, playing with your toes like a two year old*

    Good for you! Compared to what you were spending on diapers earlier you're probably saving a bit now.

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