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Thread: Do your parents blame themselves?

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    Default Do your parents blame themselves?

    Do you parents know about your diapers or infantilism? If so, do they blame themselves for it?

    I remember my dad telling me he thinks it was his and mom's fault I wear them because they let me wear them when I was two when I failed potty training.

    Mom told me one time it scares her to think she did something wrong and she did her best raising me.

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    To be honest, mine would never think it was their fault, even if they knew. They blame everyone else for anything else, so why should this be any different?

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    I made sure I told my mom straight out "its nothing you did or didn't do"

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    Neither of my parents know, but I don't think they'd blame themselves. If anything they wouldn't really care... hopefully.

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    I suspect a lot of parents upon discovering that their child is an ABDL will wonder if they did something wrong. Parents always hope their off-spring will be perfect and normal. Being an ABDL is a pretty big deviation from normality so it's understandable that they may wonder what the cause is.

    I think the best approach if your parents do start wondering is to make it abundantly clear that a) there's nothing at fault and b) even if they viewed it as a fault, it wasn't their fault. There could be numerous environmental causes, a genetic predisposition that causes the liking or it could just be sheer random chance. The odds of being able to pin it down to a particular cause are very slim.

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    My mom says she has before simply since she wasn't here to raise me. However I told her I don't think that's the issue and I think you can't miss what you never had. My aunt and grandmother were practically surrogate mother's anyhow. Hell, my aunt's been teaching me how to drive since friday.

    My dad on the other hand, he hasn't vocally blamed himself at all and I never blamed him for it. I honestly don't have the slightist clue of why I've been thisway. I just know that I have for a long time and can only recall being diapered once while potty training But that was at a babysitters/ my aunt's neighbor's house. But even in that instance it wasn't really for a form of punishment, it was simply I didn't have a clean pull-up to wear.

    I think if there was any one person to blame it might be my grandma only since she spoiled me a lot, but it's not like she kept me in diapers or anything of that sort.

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    My parents don't acknowledge it so I doubt they blame themselves.

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    I haven't told my parents but I have been convinced for a while that my mum has worked it out to some degree (I mean there is a running joke that I'm just a big kid between the pair of us has been since shortly before I joined ADISc) and on occasions she comes out with things that could justify me being AB like she told me recently my dad worked a lot when I was very little and either one or both of us (me or my mum) were ill for most of my early years and then when I got better and mum gave birth to my sister I was put further on the back burner so my ABness could be an attempt to restore that lost time. That isn't to say it's my parents fault I'm AB but it's just one more in a long list of things growing into an explination of why I am who I am ^_^

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