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    Default its so amazing

    hey everyone i finally got the guts to wear. I had been think of doing it for years now but i finally got it done lol im glad to be here.

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    yep having the guts to wear can be verry hard and becouse wat others would think kind drags u back but when you do do it makes u fell so happy becouse you have done something good which is being brave

    btw welcome to adisc

    wat do u like by any chance why not tel us about your intrests like do u u like films or games or anything

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    um i love films except romance, um i like games all kinds, yea im pretty much into everthing, it was kind of hard though to wark up to the counter and buy them i felt scared but i didn't show it lol

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    Welcome to ADISC. If you read back on the posts here you will find there are many brave people who found it hard to take a first step as you did, some who did so after several false starts where they walked to and fro from the shops and didn't have the courage at first. Some guts. Whew! Now take a step back, relax, and enjoy the company!
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