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Thread: Looking for some information on Plastic Pants

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    Default Looking for some information on Plastic Pants

    Lately I haven't been wearing that much and I've mainly been using store brands because it is easier to pick them up with cash than to order online using a prepaid card to keep my parents from knowing about them.

    A while ago someone suggested that I should try plastic pants and I was rather interested. However since I generally lack the time to enjoy myself due to my studies I neglected to follow up on the suggestion. Now that my semester is coming to a close it will be harder to order anything ABDL related over the summer. As a result I was looking into getting plastic pants and perhaps a few decent quality diapers to last into the summer.

    I don't really know much about plastic pants and I wasn't really sure what kind I should get from the other threads I looked at. I also don't know how to take care of them so I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers.

    Thanks =D

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    I use Leakmaster plastic pants from, and they are very good...the only times I have leaks with them is if they pull down in the back and expose the top of the diaper. As far as taking care of them goes, I usually just rinse them in the shower, and every now and then will use a mild soap on them. Never put plastic pants in the dryer...the heat will shorten their life. I just put mine on a plastic clothes hanger in the closet. Anyway, they were well worth the money I spent, and now I can use store brand diapers without worrying so much about leaks.

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    I too use Leakmasters from Adultclothdiaper Co., which you can find at All Together if it doesn't come up on line for you. If you wear cloth in bed, the high backs are a must so that you don't have the problem that DaveTDL had. But if it's casual day wearing, and especially with disposables, regular size should do well. They have them in colors as well, but they take longer to ship.

    I wash mine in the shower and use a little bit of dish detergent to cut the body oil which will deteriorate vinyl. I also hang them on a plastic hanger to dry. If you try the new PUL plastic pants, you can put those in a washing machine.

    You also can find Leakmaster plastic pants as well as some cute baby prints on good old They order through Altogether Diaper Co.

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    Thanks a lot for what you've said so far. It seems like the pants are fairly easy to maintain and I will almost certainly look into getting some if I find a print that I like.

    I'm curious if there are any decent alternatives to vinyl. I've used vinyl gloves in the past without any health related problems but I always preferred Nitrile ones if given a choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    I'm curious if there are any decent alternatives to vinyl. I've used vinyl gloves in the past without any health related problems but I always preferred Nitrile ones if given a choice.
    there are lots of different plastics and the 'vinyl' which is used for gloves isn't the same as used for pants. [real] rubber pants are available, but the suggestions given previously should do you fine.
    i'm saying that because, as with disposable diapers, plastic-pants will take into whole world of buying and trying; and don't want to spend too much money, do you?

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    Plastic pants are wonderful and you have a lot of great choices and selection of colors available. The best plastic pants that I can strongly recommend are Euroflex. They last longer than regular plastic pants and wear a long time. The Euroflex material never cracks and does not wear out. They may stretch in the legs and waist over time. The best price is still from Changing Times Diaper Company. If you order 3 pair you get an additional discount. They have a newsletter and great customer service.

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    I have the polyurathane pull-on style ones from Fetware and can't rate them highly enough. They're really soft and flexible but they're also unaffected by creams and lotions. This is ideal for me because my older pairs dried out and cracked since I always use cream. As a 24/7 wearer I also wanted them to be comfy and they certainly are due to the way the elastic is attached. However, a word of warning, they are mega crinkly! I like them all the more for that, but you might not...

    They also do a few ABDL patterns - I particularly like the honey bears one

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    I usually buy mine from plastic pants .com I have found them very easy to work with. I personally always use the PUL pants they are very good I never have a leak and they are very rugged. I also have bouth regualr rubber pants from them and found then great as long as you care for them properly.

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    Leakmaster's are my favorite, just bought a pair. But if cost is a concern, you can still buy a 3 pack of privia's. I had some that lasted years and I've seen them for 12 to 15 dollars a pack. Not as nice as leakmasters, but well worth the cost.

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    Nice thread, and thanks to everyone for the links too. ^_^

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