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Thread: Does anyone dream of diapers?

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    Default Does anyone dream of diapers?

    So I had an incredibly long and detailed dream last night, and one bit in particular jumped out at me.

    Me and my fiancee were on vacation and watching some movie on a motel TV. During a commercial break there was an ad for Depends that featured a few vignettes of different women who use diapers. One was an older women with health issues, one was a middle-aged woman who recently had surgery and couldn't get out of bed at night, and one was, amazingly, a 20-something girl getting her bedroom ready for some fun sexytimes (satin sheets, candles, etc) whose last touch was to lay out some diapers (she was also wearing a nice negligee with a diaper on underneath). Seeing this ad turned into some sexyfun with my fiancee, and then I logged onto ADISC to tell everyone about the ad and how awesome it was (the ad, not the sex) and you all loved it too.

    When I woke up, it was quite disappointing that this wasn't real.

    Anyone else have diaper dreams (literal dreams, the ones that happen when you're sleeping) worth sharing?

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    Diapers not so much but I do have a lot of dreams, especially over the last Easter break, that have revolved around AB themes and usually around footie pajamas. I've had countless dreams were I have either been wearing them or have been shopping for them and I'm guessing there were loads over Easter because I was back home in a warm bedroom so wasn't wearing them whereas before I had been wearing them virtually every night for 3-4 months.

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    I almost never remember my dreams except for a reoccurring dream that I have (I have it every two or three months), and that probably only because it always wakes me up, without fail. So, for all I know, the answer is probably yes, I have had *B/DL dreams, I just don't remember them.

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    (I recall mentioning this on another thread a while back...)

    I remember a diaper-dream in which I found a stack of "diapers" that were basically thick rectangles of blue rubber. I wanted one, but woke up before I could wear one. And then, as so often happens when I wake up, I recalled my dream and thought, "That was bizarre." I have at least a dream or two each week where some real-life person or object is nothing like reality, and yet, while dreaming, the difference doesn't seem odd to me. A common example is our house. In my dreams, it seldom has the same floor plan, and yet I won't notice the difference until I wake up and have a chance to reflect on it.

    I wonder if it means anything!

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    I have dreams in which I'm wearing diapers pretty often. Also ones in which I'm naked. While most of my dreams are vaguely disconcerting, it's never because of this. It's always that I realize that I'm in diapers and no one cares. It's very pleasant and reassuring (and unrealistic---what are dreams for, anyway).

    Nice dream; may you have many more. And may some of them come true.

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    I dream about diapers all the time--me wearing, and being with others who wear. When I was going through puberty, I'd usually have a wet dream whenever I dreamed about diapers.

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    I've had dreams where I'm wearing, not very often but I do have them, I had one last night where I was going on a date so I decided to put one in my bag, not really sure why...

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    My dreams in the past concerning diapers have always been about acquiring and finally wearing them (and wetting them). Couple I've had this week were quite unnerving concerning them as I've written before in other posts.

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    I did have a dream that I was older and moved out and I had all the diapers I ever wanted and my own privacy without having to worry about parents finding out. It was awesome!

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