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    Hey guys and gals! I'm looking to purchase a diaper bag to store a few diapers and other adult baby items. Have any of you purchased any great functional AB diaper bags?

    I can't seem to find one which looks to be able to fit adult diapers well and also carry a few other items. Help would be very appreciated.

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    It generally works well to buy a teenage girl style gym bag they usually have the necessary pockets and come in cute prints.

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    Think outside the box, a lot of features that you might really need if you were an actual baby, somewhere that would stay cold for formula etc. you don't necessarily need or can work around in some other way. I personally found diaper bags to be pretty small when I had my son and ended up using a small carry-on luggage bag I found at Ross. While the bag was only slightly larger than the average diaper bag it was simply more versatile than most of the bags I looked at. I added a small soft sided lunch box inside the larger bag when I had a need to keep things cool (and left it at home when I didn't) and used plastic travel pouches when I had a need to store wet items (I personally used these great zippered ones I found at The Container Store but I've seen bunches since that would have been equally suited to the task). I also used a smaller bag with a detachable strap that I could take out and carry when I only wanted the essentials (diaper change etc.). By utilizing a bag within a bag I was able to pare it down to the minimum without unpacking a bunch of stuff and repacking into another bag, but was also prepared for longer trips.

    You'll want to look for something with pockets that you think are suitably sized for your needs; which will vary, small diapers are not the same size as large diapers and so on. You need a pouch sized for accessories such as a pacifier or whatever else you think of as your essential AB items. Backpacks work well for this too, and I sometimes swapped my stuff into one for trips where there would be a lot of walking (such as the zoo) which saved my back some. There are also some very nice bags being made now for fathers to carry, many of which are backpack style tend to be slightly larger and have more masculine color schemes if you might be carrying in public and don't want to attract too much attention.

    Mostly though, try not to limit yourself, and I highly recommend buying in person instead of online. It's almost impossible to get a real idea of the size of the bag, pockets etc. from a website. I personally bought two bags online (which were not even well sized for baby things let alone more adult uses) before I sort of cobbled together my own. If you would like a child-like print you could certainly consider luggage, duffel bags etc. made for kids too. With a little creativity almost any bag can be a diaper bag.

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    Wow, thanks for the great post. What you have said does make sense as I could not get a handle on how big the items are and the storage compartments.

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