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Thread: Jack Thompson Disbarred!!

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    I've never heard of this guy before, but from the sound of it, he finally got what he deserved.

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    Welcome to 3 days ago, and shouldn't this be in the Tech/Games forum for obvious reasons....

    Oh and YAY!

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    It's about time this happened. He completely deserves it. Is he able to eventually work in another state though...?

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    Thank you Eddy for the good news! Someone has finally cut down the power of Jack Thompson. Now, our video game producers can focus more on creating better games.

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    Yes, and don't forget the fact that he IMMEDIATELY turned around and filed a motion, violating the requirement that he pass all such motions through another attorney in good standing.

    Jack Thompson will not be deterred from kicking up a fuss by such trivial matters as being disbarred. He is on his holy crusade against violent video games, and the conspiracy of the video game industry and the judicial court system (not to mention logic, reason, and common sense) that are trying to stop him.

    This won't stop him from whining and trying to further grab the spotlight. I only hope that this makes the news media think twice before calling him up as an "expert" next time there is some violence in the world that they try to pin on video games.

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    About bloody time. I want to be able to play video games without being a suspected homicidal psychopath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Brome Teks View Post
    About bloody time. I want to be able to play video games without being a suspected homicidal psychopath.
    Well it's not like that's the end of people thinking that video games are bad...

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