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    Red face question

    ive been a adult baby since ive been 16 and my bf has been my daddy since i was 16 he does soooo much for me he feeds my my bottle plays with me cooks for me takes me places gives me a bath is allways there for me reads me bed time storys gives me stucture he consederds me his real doughter and treats me like his real doughter hes a great daddy so i have a idia i want to make a speacel day (other than fathers day) just for showing him how much he means to me and how much i appercate him i want to do it in a cute child like way and my qustion is does anyone have any creative idias that i could use??????

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    When I was a kid, I always loved making cards and 'activity books' for my Dad. I was fascinated with mazes and the like, so I would try to create my own and staple a few of them together into a 'book' and present him with it. Mind you, they were never that challenging, but he seemed to enjoy them.

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    I'd make something home made! Like a coupon book =) As for a special day,You could take him to a nice place to eat? as a kid my dad would "pretend" to let me pay the bill if I picked a place he liked xp

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    Things made with love and care, as a surprise even if Daddy must help a little, these are often the most endearing gifts as he would know how much you love by how hard you are trying to make something for special just for him.

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    A handprint Calendar !! We make them in Kindergarten and preschool !! You paint your hand to make something each month - Santa/Christmas , jack planters In Oct , etc . They turn out really cute

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    How to tell my wife I like to be a adult baby

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    jewels, can you please use punctuation or something? It's hard to read your posts.

    As for doing something special for him, you know him better than we do. What kind of things does he like, besides you?

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    How to tell my wife I like to be a adult baby

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