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Thread: Fit questions - for biological girls

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    Default Fit questions - for biological girls

    A question for all you ladies:

    Do you have any tips for fastening diapers when you have hips? Men seem like they'd have it easier since their waist goes straight to their legs.

    I am trying to decide if fastening the top tape first or the bottom tape first makes a better fit.

    Also, any suggestions for my non-ABDL BF to give a better fit for the times he puts it on me? Tapes always pop yet it feels baggy around the bottom of the crotch.

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    an FYI....
    bio-girls are not the only ones to be born with hips....

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    Fit questions - for biological girls as well as those dudes with like freaking huge hips

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    Well, and I am just guessing here, I think you would start at the bottom then do the tops for a snug fit around the legs. I think it's different for everyone and it takes some experimenting. There is a tutorial on putting on a diaper here that might help a little bit.

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    I'm a dude with big hips.

    How do I baby?

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    Huge hips, and it is a pain. I am basically a medium diaper waste with a large diaper hip, so I always have a hard time with sizing and fastening. For example medium Cushies on me, being single tape, tend to be a bit of a stretch. They fit, but just barely. I bought larges after trying the mediums and it is baggy city. The rise is just insane by comparison. Baby diapers deal with that better since they have stretchy wings now, but until that day happens in adult dip world we get to settle. I tape to fit the leg gathers and fold the baggy tops which, to be fair, is how a lot of baby diapers fit too.

    My tip is to fasten the lower half first, but realize you don't fasten straight across. I fasten at an upward angle, which follows the contour of my chubby thighs. Then I tuck in the excess of the wings, and pull in the upper tabs as tight as I can. The bottom tapes tend to be angled up and and sit a good deal higher than you would expect. If the bottom tapes barely fit consider going up a size. With the multi tape diapers it isn't as bad since you can more easily fit the thighs and waste if a size is a bit big on you, better than you can the smaller size.

    It really comes down to practice. At this point I can lightning fast diaper myself sitting or standing, and good a good fit 95% of the time.

    I used to think that noone designed the darned things for girl hips, but I now think it is more that the tutorials out there for fitting just don't really cover curvier body shapes.

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    Thanks frillyfoxy.

    Everyone else: The reason I specified biological girls is because women's bodies are generally built differently from men's, big hips or not.

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    ._. Tbh its hard for guys aswel, depending on the diaper when i was younger it was hard puting one on due to Crotch area, So tbh boys do have it hard ._. Although... It depend's, I dont have big hips ._. Just a big ass :[

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    and you think it's easy getting diapers on a girl bunny..?
    just where do you think i put my fuzzy little white tail..... Hummm (giggles)

    every body is a little different, hips or no hips.

    but i feel it's the use of the term "biological girls" with a group of people so diverse as to have so many gender-neutral and gender-questioning folks among their ranks which makes it problematic.... at least IMO

    i say this in all kindness and in a spirit of enlightenment.

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    Bottom tape first, angled up, then top tape angled down.

    The angle will prevent warping the surface and will be more natural when sitting or standing.
    Large hips or not, this technique work all the time.

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