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Thread: The NSA's new super datacenter

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    Default The NSA's new super datacenter

    I was just reading an article in Wired about the NSA's (National Security Agency) new datacenter. The thing is HUGE and it consumes millions and millions of watts of power to run its huge computers.

    My issue is that the NSA will use this huge datacenter to store the worlds information. I kind of hate it really, its like "as long as your not a terrorist it doesn't matter" but I personally don't like the idea of some American reading through all my ADISC content, IRC chat, browsing history, etc, etc. Especially considering I'm not even an American.

    And I'm not saying this because I'm a terrorist. Take Mr. Dotcom for example, he didn't do anything wrong (oh no wait he was part of a "mega conspiracy" to destroy the world) but he was arrested.

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    Something to consider: the sheer mass of data that such a center would generate over the course of an hour beggars the imagination. There are a limited number of people available to actually interpret all that data, and they've got better things to do than try and decrypt ADISC traffic.

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    agreeed. and i think there are websites of varying 'risk /wanted levels for example child porography websitesec which have a higher traffic from those who have known links to crime or terrorism or extremism..

    bnow that i think of it its funny that people think all of a sudden the NSA will tak an interest of them personally.. why o EARTH would the NSA CARE about you

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    Butterfly Mage


    You can count on it being used for religious and political persecution.

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    Off topic: politics and nationality notwithstanding, I would love to work for the NSA. That's pretty much a computer scientist's dream in terms of the resources you have available to you. I have a friend that did work as an intern for an intelligence agency (obviously a Canadian one) and he absolutely loved it - though since his work was classified he couldn't really get into details.

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    now, NASA, lets talk about that........ but only cos i wanna do my joke about Egypt putting the first man on the moon

    anyway, they way things are going, the US probably won't be able to afford to run the fans for much longer.
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    NSA probably will never even read "adisc"

    The amount of data they have to go through is such a vast amount, I really doubt they are going to care about a fetish site.

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    what you guys are not understanding is that american's are now turning around and saying well ... we want 100% access to everyones lives , our facebooks our emails our texts our browsing history ... you know if I wanted someone to be able to see this information about myself then id have signed up to be on big brother

    It is basically breaching everyones human rights and one of the biggest human rights of all is Privacy ,

    All because of one terrorist that many people have reason to believe did not actually do what they said he did ...

    the main reason there doing this as well is because of that anonymous group that keeps hacking all of there websites aswell and stealing all there private information they should not be keeping secrets in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    You can count on it being used for religious and political persecution.
    Maybe I've just got more faith in people as a whole, but I truly don't this is true.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I have close to zero faith in the American People, even less for government, and even further less for corporations, and absolutely zero for organized religion.

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