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Thread: Favorite Disney Movie(s).....AGAIN!!!

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    Question Favorite Disney Movie(s).....AGAIN!!!

    So i know there have been like 3 or 4 threads asking this but what is/are your favorite Disney movie(s)
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    Mine are:
    1. Lion King
    2. Lion King 2
    3. Mulan
    4. Anastasia

    now share yours

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    Um ALLL OF THEM!! but I guess if I had to pick a top five it would be, tangled, the little mermaid, the hunchback of Notre dame, LILO and stich and tinkerbell
    (but seriously I have soooo many Disney movies picking a fav is next to impossible) lol

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    1. Robin Hood,
    2. The Aristocats,
    3. 101 Dalmations (original animated) and
    4. The Lion King.

    I didn't include any Disney Pixar but Toy Story would have been top of my list if I did.

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    does it have to be disney movies? there are other childrens movies. but i will understand and play by the rules if you say so...... (pout pout pout)

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    lilo and stitch
    fox in the hound
    the first half of flight of the navigator, the second half is ball's possibly since Disney took it over.

    three of the few Disney movies I even own on DVD.

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    The Black Hole

    Ok, ok...

    • The Little Mermaid. I was a hormone-saturated 13-year-old when it came out, and... how did those sea-shells stay up anyway? I guess cartoon gaffer tape is waterproof. DANG IT!
    • Toy Story 2. Best one of the trilogy, in my opinion. I knew a kid like Sid Phillips, so the first Toy Story movie felt too much like a documentary.
    • The Secret of NIMH--Oh wait! That's not a Disney. But Don Bluth was a Disney animator and worked on Robin Hood, so I'll count it.
    • Finding Nemo. I actually hated it at first, but then I found that I couldn't get the reef imagery and ambient music out of my head, so it became a guilty pleasure.
    • Ponyo. Oops! That's not a Disney either. But it was distributed by Disney. What's with the song on the end credits, though? Talk about out of place! They should have had Elmo sing it.
    • I'm too tired to think of another one.

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    I chose Disney because well be honest i think it is because of the fact that the majority of movies i watched when i was little were Disney or Disney/Pixar films so best answer i can give

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    Hmmm...I'm kinda 'Old School' when it comes to Disney movies. My absolute favourite is Mary Poppins after that, I'm not sure, but I guess I'd say Bambi and maybe Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winters View Post
    So i know there have been like 3 or 4 threads asking this but what is/are your favorite Disney movie(s)
    __________________________________________________ _____________
    Mine are:
    1. Lion King
    2. Lion King 2
    3. Mulan
    4. Anastasia

    now share yours
    Anastasia was actually produced by Fox Animation Studios, not Disney.

    But on topic it's kind of hard to pick, have to really split it up between Disney and Pixar for me but here's my more enjoyed ones.

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    The Incredibles
    The Sword in the Stone
    And Atlantis

    Can't really pick a certain one out of the bunch since I enjoy them all for different reasons but ah well.

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