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Thread: Should I wear on cross country flight?

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    Default Should I wear on cross country flight?

    I'm going to be flying across the country next week (and back).

    I am recovering from a pretty serious cold / sinus infection; because of that, I have been drinking a TON of water and power/gator ade.

    In addition to that, I have been given pills for anxiety that increase urination.

    Combine that with the fact that we'd be stuck on the tarmac for hours ... that could end badly (and from what I understand, they don't let you move around when you're stuck there).

    Also afraid of ... erm ... letting go by mistake when the plane takes off. I don't do so well with Gs.

    My biggest fear is the TSA agents.

    I'm afraid they're going to go through my bag with my coworkers right there.

    What should I do?

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    I think you will be fine. I recommend a very comfortable and discrete diaper. Don't worry about the TSA. They are not likely to go through your bag. There are also advantages to wearing on an airplane. For example, you don't have to get up to go to the bathroom and the seat is cushier

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    I fly padded and with diapers in my carry-on bag. No problems ever with the carry-on bag. I have had no trouble with the metal detectors, but you might perhaps have problems with a full body scanner. If that machine flags you out because of the diaper, you can request a private search and explain to the TSA agent that you wear for need. That should take care of it. Or wait to put a diaper on until after security. Airports have a "family assist restroom" that is private and you could diaper up in there.

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    I always fly well-diapered, never had a problem. Forget that "thin discreet" idea, what's the point of that? Pee in it one time while you're sitting in your seat and you're liable to end up with a wet butt and seat, and then you're really screwed. I say wear a real diaper and maybe plastic pants under some loose comfortable jeans or pants of your choice. As for whether TSA notices, who gives a shite? There are only two reasons I can see to worry about that: there is the possibility you could be delayed a bit while they check your diaper, or, if you are traveling with someone who doesn't know you wear, you could be outed inadvertently by a TSA search. Just make sure you arrive early just in case, and if you are traveling with someone who doesn't know of your diapers, I would reconsider wearing any at would be hard to explain to them why you were searched.
    If you are traveling by yourself, it will be no problem.

    As I said, I have worn many times through airport security and other security checkpoints. The biggest reaction I've received was at an airport where I happened to be very thickly double-diapered (and the diaper was wet), the agent took particular interest in my padded midsection and had me step off to the side. He wanded my diaper area very thoroughly and felt around my waistband..I think he quickly realized it was a diaper, then he waved me on and I was free to go. I also always have at least a couple of extra diapers in my carry-on, these are always a non-issue too. Every time a security person has seen them, they just thumb through them with not so much as a raised eyebrow, and wave me on. You've got to figure, they are looking for contraband, and a diaper is the least of their worries. A security agent cannot make a big deal out of a diaper, as in trying to embarrass you, without looking very unprofessional and risking their job. If they suspect you are hiding something in your diaper, well then they have every right to pull you aside (in a professional manner) and inspect it, worst case scenario in a private room where you would be asked to remove it). But then they would look like the jackasses, not you, once they discover it's just a diaper. I actually hope this happens to me sometime, I think I would have a lot of fun with it!

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    Ok so, If the airport you will be going through has body scanners instead of metal detectors (if there are no scanners then that's the biggest risk gone right off the bat) then you should wait to get padded until you've gone through the security check point, which means you should allow for even more time for security which means, get there extra super duper early. (like an extra 30 min or so on top of the 2 hours early you should already be early, so be at the airport 2hrs 30min before your flight is scheduled to depart) Which you might want to do anyhow just to be safe since it is a business flight.

    As for extra diapers in your bag, first keep them stacked neatly in one compartment of the bag and don't put any wires over them (like a pair of headphones), if you have wires over objects like books or diapers it can look sorta like a bomb or another electronic device that they would request be scanned separately. Otherwise diapers won't look like anything suspicious and diapers are something that TSA agents are trained to recognize. On the offhand chance that your bag does get sent through the scanner a second time, and then searched they would immediately be able to tell that it's diapers and a non-issue. If your coworker happens to see the diapers they probably won't say anything to anybody because they're gonna assume it's for need and will be just as embarrassed as you are. If they do happen to question you just say that you're taking a medication that causes intermittent urinary incontinence and leave it at that. If they persist just go, "well would you rather have me pee on you or in the diaper?" and that should totally shut them up

    If you do decide to fly protected (which I think you have viable reasons that you real should stay padded) you should wear a good diaper with plastic pants, because the last thing you want is to leak all over yourself and the person next to you.

    anyways, good luck!!!!

    info sourced from personal experience and my dad who is a frequent flier and works for Boeing.

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    It would be a great idea to fly well protected. You might consider adding a booster pad. You can always pull it out and put in another one without changing your entire diaper. I always fly diapered and have never had a problem even on international flights.

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    I've worn once before while flying and it made things much easier, but I don't do it as regularly as I'd like to. A lot of people already suggested a lot of good ideas (watch out for body scanners and/or request a pat down and explain your situation or pad up after the scanners, etc.). I've gone through the airports with diapers in my bags a few times before though. If you can, try to put all your electronics in a separate bag (these are what usually prompts TSA to search bags) especially your laptop since you'll have to remove it from the bag for the x-ray or if you can't do that, put a layer of clothing over your diapers in your bag, so that way if you need to open your bag (to have TSA check it out or to remove something) all your electronics can be right near the top. I've never had TSA search my bags (except one time when I had like 2 or 3 game consoles in the same bag)so hopefully you should be fine.

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    I don't think you'll have to worry about TSA - the diaper/wire/bomb issue someone else addressed above is pretty good to think through, but they've been under fire lately for their unprofessionalism that the average TSAer probably doesn't want to risk their job. It's also unlikely that you'll be stuck on the tarmac that long. Again, airlines have been slammed for this so I think that's rare. Especially considering how many flights a day there are.

    If it's an option, I would suggest arriving at the airport and passing security before your coworkers arrive to bypass the whole situation. Tell them you'll meet them at the gate or whatever.

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    I would definently wear a diaper for a cross country flight, last time i flew the tsa said nothing, u will be fine just make sure your diaper is dry before you go through the tsa check. and wearing a diaper is easier and faster then having to use the airplane toilet,saved me from embarressment on the plane, after i used my diaper i just got up to change

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    From my experience, security isn't what you have to worry about. If they have to search your bag, you can just request they do it in private. If they notice it on your body, they should be professional about it.

    The thing you should be concerned about, however, is changing. Changing in an airport stall isn't easy to begin with and they aren't exactly the cleanest. You should just get a single, thick diaper (Dry 24/7, Abena x-plus, etc) with a booster pad and you'll be fine. If you find yourself absolutely needing to change, I suggest you use a family restroom. Also, hope you feel better soon!

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