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    Hi it's good to be here.
    Been feeling kind of lonely so that's what brought me to this site. I've always been afraid of getting out in the community.. I've never even met another DL before.
    I hope to make some friends here, and post a couple stories I wrote, and if I feel like it keep posting stories.
    Thanks for being here ADISC, it means a lot to me!

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    Hey Noctis! welcome to the site! I'm sure you will make friends quickly, everyone here is very friendly and nice. Why do't you tell us about yourself. What are your interests? Sports? Video games? Music?

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    Hi noctis, welcome to ADISC!

    I know exactly what you mean when you write that you were afraid to get out in the community. I've never met a DL in real life either, and I lurked here for almost three years before finally signing up. I've found ADISC to be a pretty nice place, though, and hopefully you will too.

    I enjoy AB/DL fiction, so it's intriguing to hear that you're a writer. I hope you'll post your stories here and give us all a chance to read them!

    Best regards,

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    I do enjoy video games.. just picked up Xenoblade chronicles havn't played it yet. music's nice. I like to play hacky. I'm gonna rewrite chapter 1 on a story i'm working on and post it here to see what people think and then work on it from there.. hopefully i can get some feedback from people. I'm getting internet connected in my home on tuesday so i have a feeling i'm gonna be here a lot. Thanks for replying.

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