Hi guys! Just thought i'd make a new greeting/introduction because the first time I made one it didn't feel right. If you were to have read the first one you didn't know much about me or what I liked doing.

Hi! My name is EagleEye2 and I really like to draw, I'm in the process of learning how to draw manga, I like this kind of style. I like to play games. I try to play everything, dwell on those words for a while. I say try because Skyrim has taken way too much of my time (That game is awesome!) If you really get to know me, you'd know that i'm always smiling, making people laugh, I like listening to any type of music (As long as it sounds good). I've really started to enjoy the whole Dubstep community. If you want to know more about me, get to know me! (Sending messages and whatnot, you know how internet works) Oh, one more thing, I don't like making threads or posts. The only time when I post something is when I feel like I need to. And this is one of those times.