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Thread: Stoped selling my diapers!?

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    Default Stoped selling my diapers!?

    The Walgreens near my house has stoped carrying the diapers I usualy buy there (Depends Maximun Protection) and I've looked at several other Walgreens but haven't seen them there either. I can't order online and they are one of the few diapers I have found in stores that I like. Any suggestions for other diapers to buy at stores?

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    Yes they have, too bad you missed out but there were amazing sales on them to clear out.

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    These got posted in a previous thread; you ought to be able to have them shipped to a store for pickup.
    They're also waaaaaaaay better than Depends.

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    I know exactly how you feel, I just discovered tonight that the walmart near my house has stopped selling the tena women's super pull-ups, doubly sucks because they were nearly $5 cheaper there too. How dare they.

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    Depends Maximum Protection is NO MORE. The replacement is the "Depend Protection with Tabs" along with the "Adjustable Underwear" are the only two non-slip on varieties they have now.

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    Try looking in other stores besides pharmacy, or order on websites that allow money orders. You can send the money in an envelope and they ship your product.

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