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Thread: ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like Cover

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    Default ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like Cover

    Good or no? Pros? COns?

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    Just got some, and I like them quite a bit. The cloth backing is actually quite smooth--more so than modern Pampers. The landing zone is very similar to what's on Pampers Baby Dry and Pampers Extra Protection. Despite the lack of elastic in the waist, I found it quite easy to get a snug and durable fit thanks to the velcro tapes, which can obviously be adjusted quite a bit more readily than adhesive ones. I found the thickness and absorbency to be fine. After a couple of hours of wearing around the house, there was no sagging or leaking to speak of, and they were still very snug and comfortable. I didn't get the baby diaper scent added, so I can't comment on that.

    I expect Cushies are hit-or-miss in terms of fit, since they have neither dual tapes, nor elastic. That said, I love the single tapes, especially on these cloth-backed diapers. The diapers go on so quickly and easily. I think that if they added elastic wings (like modern Pampers) in the next version of these diapers, many of those who've found the current fit a bit finicky would be happy. Fingers crossed.

    EDIT: Oh, and the prints are fantastic.

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    I got my pack of cushies a while ago and I love them they fit fairly well, and can be easily readjusted. They're soft and don't make the paranoia-inducing crinkle sound. They absorb a lot, don't sag readily and don't leak they're cute and pretty affordable at the rate I use them Like cottontail said, it would be wonderful if the wings were elastic and also like cottontail I didn't get the baby scent added, due to concerns of an allergic reaction :P currently my favorite diaper, though I do still have quite a bit of experimenting to do!

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    I too am a big fan of the cloth covered Cushies! I do wish they were a bit more absorbent but that problem is easily fixed with a diaper doubler.
    What I like best about them is the tapes. They are so easy to apply and then take off even if you get lotion or diaper rash ointment on them.
    It would be great if the tapes would stretch but even still I find they hold very well.
    To be honest I wasn't sure that I would like them as I prefer plastic backed diapers better (SDK) but even with less crinkle you can still tell your wearing them. Now all we need to get ABU to offer them with some different prints.
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    Been waiting for someone to say something about them. I just ordered a 20 pack to go with my normal case of molicares. the current coupon makes a nice difference too.

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    I thinking about to order this diaper to and se how it is.

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    Yeah I've been pretty happy with them so far too. The non-sticky single tapes are very easy to refasten which is pretty convenient! Stretchy sides would be awesome too if that can get that going in the next model they come up with. Though I wouldn't really need them on the mediums...

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    Im an defo going to order some of these along with the SKD's but i want to know is the scent 1) worth it 2) necessary on both packs of nappies?

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    Anything about the cloth being irritating? I know that has been an issue on some diapers like that. What about the comfort? Also, will the mediums fit someone with a 32 waist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BritishBoy View Post
    Im an defo going to order some of these along with the SKD's but i want to know is the scent 1) worth it 2) necessary on both packs of nappies?
    I personally enjoy the scent. It's not anything like what Pampers have but nor is it like J&J baby powder but it's similar.
    The best thing I find is that it helps to mask the smell of wet & dirty diapers.

    I do have to wonder though, if they (ABU) had help from Scentsy because I have a plushie with a scent pack (Newborn Nursery) and the fragrance is identical.

    One important thing to consider:
    If you have allergies or have to keep your diapers hidden then you might not want the scent added because it is a bit overpowering and can fill a room in no time at all, even if you keep them in a closet

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