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    So, I'm about to have a decent chunk of time alone and I want to get the best diapers out there. Anyone have recommendations for what I should buy? I'm currently considering getting either bambino bellissimos, molicare super plus, or abena m4's.

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    Ive never tryed any of those but after seeing what Bambino makes,ill probly go with bellissimo's because of the cute prints that Bambino usually has on there diapers

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    i prefer the M-4's... if you have a long time alone you could go for the Dry 24/7's...

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    Yea, I like the look of the bellissimos, but I'm just worried about the problems I've heard about the tapes. And thanks for reminding me about the dry 24/7's, that was another one i was thinking of trying

    I looked at the ABU diapers, and I like the looks and the single tapes, but I've heard they can't hold that much

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