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Thread: A better waterproof mattress protector?

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    Default A better waterproof mattress protector?

    Anyone have a good solution to waterproofing a mattress that won't tear within a couple months? I'm sick to death of replacing and checking and fooling with these damn things.

    I know there have been other posts on this in the past, I was hoping for an elegant solution to pop out at me but the posts are all pretty old and I was hoping maybe someone had come up with something better. I need to have a waterproof mattress protector. I haven't been a nightly bedwetter in almost twenty years so diapering every night is overkill, but I do have a few accidents here and there so protecting my mattress is more of an investment decision.

    Every single mattress cover I have bought in the last 5 years has ripped either within minutes of putting it on (I have yet to find a zippered cover that is durable enough to even make it on the bed without tearing) or within a few months. This is maddening, and expensive.

    A couple years ago I began to take lithium (another much longer story which I won't bore you with) one of the side effects is increased urination and thirst, the side effect of that has been what used to happen only a couple times a year now happens a couple times a month. You cannot restrict fluid intake on this medication without risking toxicity so I do not have the option of not drinking before bedtime. I hate the whole drying, baking soda, cleaning products ordeal and it's BS, there has got to be a better solution for protecting a mattress than sheets that crack and tear and what have you at the most inconvenient of times and usually without your knowledge.

    This morning, I woke for the second time this year (and it's only April!) to realize yet another unknown tear allowed yet another stain to make it to the mattress. I can't afford a new mattress every year because of this, but a few more leaks and this one will be pretty much ruined. Help!

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    From what I've seen Babykins have fairly good sheet protectors. Perhaps you could give then a try.

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    i'm in the same boat... i have one that i thought would work, but it soaked through to the mattress one night... i hate the idea of a plastic one that wraps around... just dont like the noise.. .but thought maybe if i put one of the pillow top covers over it it will last longer...?

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    I sort of like the plastic, childhood memories I guess, plus I hate having to wash more laundry than necessary. I don't live alone and it makes me really self conscious to be washing bedding that I've wet, though I'm sure no one else notices or even cares. I do think they last longer if you put a regular mattress pad both under and on top of them seems excessive but that's the only way I've ever gotten more than a few months out of one. I don't know what was different about the ones from my childhood (80's) but I don't remember them being nearly this problematic. I definitely don't remember my mom replacing them every couple months and I wet nightly (never diapered, my parents thought it would just take longer to stop, which is bloody stupid) until I was 11-12 and had a sheet on my bed until maybe 14. Maybe they were just thicker? dunno.

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    you were likely lighter weight then, and didn't produce as much heat, and body oils...that cause the vinyl covers to harden, and break instead of stretching. Also, use damp cloth to wipe clean...don't put them in the dryer etc. There are the newer PEVA plastic covers...though I prefer the vinyl...PEVA should be longer lasting. I use a medical-grade bed pad on top, or just under the sheet to keep it from moving around...if you can secure it on top though, then you just have one little square to wash. Otherwise, maybe try a pull-up type diaper, that you can re-wear for a few times when you haven't wet.

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    You might try a rubber sheet, they last forever. For childhood memories you could place a plastic cover over it.

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    Look for the covers made of pul. Someone told me about one called the Brollie sheet, You might check it out. I looked at them but did not buy one because of the price. I did purchase a large under pad (35"x80"). I really like this under pad. I found it on amazon.

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    i have a teddy bear vinal cover from fet ware havent had any holes or rips in it yet its been about 6 months.

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    Check out Ikea, they have the best I've found. Cloth with some sort of rubberized material underneath, possibly polyurethane. No embarrassing crinkle, very comfortable to lay on, and they seem to last forever. It's called "Skydda Hogt":

    SKYDDA HÖGT Mattress pad - Queen - IKEA

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    You might try a latex rubber sheet. It comes in a roll and is stretchable as well as durable. It was so long ago that I purchased mine that I forgot the source. It should be available somewhere. Please let us know what you find.

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