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    Default Interior Crocodile Alligator

    I drive a Chevrolet movie theater.

    ________________________\/ Download it now.

    __________________ Download the free mp3 here:
    Download it now. -> Interior Crocodile <- Download it now.

    ________________________^ Download it now.
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    I'm not downloading anything till I know what it is.

    Interior Crocodile Alligator sounds like a pretty kickarse name for a band, though.

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    Umm, so all this is, is some dude saying Interior Crocodile Alligator, I drive a Chevrolet Movie Theatre over and over...?

    It doesn't sound bad but honestly, I'd much rather hear Soulja Boy.

    I also wonder if anybody knows the guy is basically talking about how many TV screens he has in his Chevy

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    That song is pretty dumb

    Then again, I've been listening to this non-stop the last few days:

    YouTube - Goodbye Bush Co.

    (you have to ignore the first 30 seconds or so)

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