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Thread: Should I do it

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    Default Should I do it

    I currently shave everywhere except my armpits which I currently have been thinking about shaving for a few weeks. Should I do it cause I really can't decide right now, and is it worth shaving them.

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    My question is "Why don't you already?"

    Speaking from a purely aesthetic view looks nicer! Especially if you're wearing a sleeveless top!

    Speaking from a scent sensitive point of absorbs sweat and causes "smells" (and not the good kind).

    Just an FYI, Muslims (male & female) shave the pubic area and the arm pits. It's a 'rule'! LOL

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    hello Tall;

    Hair, a touchy subject for some.....

    the more i read the posts of you and the other sissy/Lg's the more i see most of you questioning your gender. and i have just wanted to start a diologe up that might help.

    it was along those lines that i was thinking of how to say something tasteful and understanding about getting started down that road. and what made me feel really good inside in my transition to life as a girl. i was looking back at my big milestones, the ones that really lit-up my self esteem and gave me hope in my future that i wasn't just a boy in drag (i was very hard on myself at times). i didn't want to write something long and boring like i tend to do....

    then i just saw your thread just now on underarm hair!
    Wow, you just hit the nail on the head. it is what we call "gender clues" that make others see you as man or woman out in pubic. gender clues like voice the way you carry your self, what you wear, your hair. but way more than any of that, it's the hair on your face and body that makes men, men and women who they are..... soft looking women without much if any hair (except on their head).

    i will admit to you that i spent years on my back having the hair removed off of my face at the expense of much pain and money. but as it neared the finish and my face cleared up and i could go natural for the very first time and without a drop of makeup....

    *************(( OMG ))**********

    you just can't know what that feels like until you go through it for your self. the surgery it's self was not near so exciting and rewarding.
    (deep breath)

    i know that this is too long and i am sorry. but hair removal of any type or from any place on your body will make you feel better....
    way better....

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    I don't find this artical particularily convincing, as the "cons" of shaving can be prevented by other means, but here are some reasons why you might not want to:

    Welcome to the Armpit Hair website Purpose of armpit hair

    Something they didn't mention was social acceptance in men. You can consider this yourself.

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    If you do, make sure that you shave it everyday. It hurts and itches like crazy growing back!

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    Why leave out the armpits? I reckon more people shave their armpits than their legs. The armpits is where you sweat a lot and thus where body odor is strongest.


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    I started keeping mine shaved a few weeks ago and it's been pretty nice, I used to have a problem with dry, red and irritated underarms and i've noticed since shaving and switching to a women's deodorant, Secret, that this problem has gone away for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayanna View Post

    Just an FYI, Muslims (male & female) shave the pubic area and the arm pits. It's a 'rule'! LOL
    Not quite correct. They are supposed to trim excess bodyhair.
    How much you trim is down to the individual. some just find it easier to take it all off.

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    I don't per say full shave via possible ingrown hairs but I do keep it extremely short with a beard trimmer, the hair is no more than a 1/16" at anyone time, it greatly helped with body odor for me, and the heavy sweating issues I would have because the antiperspirant could not penetrate the hair and can now do it's job. I also trim my pubic chest and any other hair except arms and legs, the other areas pubic and chest were born out of necessity for transdermal patches and electrodes, then I realized the odor benefits so I just them trimmed all the time.
    Wow that is wordy.
    actual advice
    Anyway I would trim it or shave if you want just use a clean razor not the one for your face, and a good anti-bacterial soap and moisturizer it keep the little bumps from forming usually.
    ----interesting note
    It is rather ironic for me that I shave those areas though as I don't shave my face often because I can have a full beard in a week, and shaving it often while it would help with my fem, identity it is just not possible for me as even $200 dollar electric, requires I go back and clean up with a leg blade on my face, and then I only get one use out of that do to my seemingly adamantine facial hair.

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    I already went ahead and shaved due to the yes responses on here, and they feel great

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