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Thread: My First Abena X-Plus

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    Default My First Abena X-Plus

    Well, here I am. Not sure what has compeled me to want to wear diapers. I've tried it out a few times and quickly learned that the store brands are terrible. Happily I didn't learn the hard way.

    I've in the past purchased a pack of diapers only to throw them out after thinking to myself "what the hell are you doing?!" Yet the desire to wear kept coming back. I've already bought a pack of Molicare Super Pluses in the past and actually used them all over a lengthy period of time. The difference in quality was immediately evident and made the experience that much better. I even wore in public! Not too hard for a guy that wears a relaxed cut jean.

    I was wanting to wear again and went with the Abenas this time just to try another brand. I really like it so far and haven't even wet it yet. By all accounts I have no doubt that it will perform well!

    Not sure if I'll be able to get to the point where I can wet easily while sitting or walking. Of course it would be great to learn to use it while in bed, if for no other reason that it'd be great for the laziness factor!

    I'm not into any other aspects like AB or anything. No judgements either, let me assure you. It's just not for me. Like my name says, just like the DL aspect with wetting only, no messing.

    Glad I found this forum. For the most part it seems mature and free of nonsense. It actually feels good to just "talk" about it. I wish I knew what gives me this desire....

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    Welcome to ADISC! I think this post might be more suited to the Diaper Talk forum, because the Introductions forum is for sharing the non-AB/DL facets of your personality (e.g. do you listen to music? Play videogames? Read novels? etc.).

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    Ah, I see. Well mostly just the regular stuff. Spring is here and looking forward to dusting of the mountain bike and putting away the skis. Live in the mountains so good hobbies to have! Fairly eclectic musical tastes. I think I'm generally most content when working on engines and such. I've recently largely rebuilt an '88 bow rider boat that was in bad need of some attention. Ended up ripping up the floors that were rotted and building it all back up. Engine change, repaired the hydraulic steering that sort of stuff. I've ended up with quite a collection of tools and good number of great days on the local lake. You could add water skiing to the lists of likes...

    Don't really know what else to say about myself. I think I was only able to post on this forum as a new user. I'll bring the rest over to Diaper Talk at some point I suppose.

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    It sounds like you've got quite a few cool interests! I kind of like skiing (I'm an amateur but I think it's fun) and of course music (I'm a metalhead).

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