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    I would like to attend a munch but I'm really nervous. I received some good feed back on how to find a munch to meet others but I just can't get up the nerve to go. Any thoughts or opinions, it would be nice to meet others but not sure if I would like to do it like that.

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    whats a munch? is that like brunch?

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    Ya it's like that and you meet in a public place. It can be people with the same like and others likes as well. I googled it to get more info, and I just can't get the nerve to go.

    Quote Originally Posted by babyDavid View Post
    whats a munch? is that like brunch?

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    I would love to attend a munch somewhere in Wisconsin, USA. It would be awesome to be wearing around people who understand me.

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    As someone with similar interests I can relate to that and would be a bit jittery myself (I'm sure some are scratching their heads "what's a munch?")

    It's pretty nerve racking diving into anything for the first time. I recently just dove into this community this week! As they say, comfort zones are often expanded through discomfort, ya know go and be the casual guy and that shock effect should wear off. Best thing to know is that community is very respectful of privacy and space (much like this one). Whenever your feeling comfy take the plunge. Sometimes it takes just a baby step.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BambinoPants View Post
    Ya it's like that and you meet in a public place. It can be people with the same like and others likes as well. I googled it to get more info, and I just can't get the nerve to go.
    Have you been able to find any reports from people who have been? It can be a hard thing to walk into cold but if you knew what kind of vibe it had, it might help. That kind of thing was my first experience meeting people and while it was scary, it was worthwhile. I didn't really hit it off with anyone but it no one was horrible or scary and it went a long way toward shifting my perspective on the community. It also served to inspire me to sign up here a bit later on and massive goodness resulted from that, so I like to give credit where it's due.

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    I would point out that most (if not all) ABDL "Munches" are 18+ just because of the very nature of this particular "fetish".

    A Munch is basically a "Meet for Lunch"...hence the name.

    I personally attended one in Toronto several years ago. Was a blast...20+ people met at a local McDonald's (apparently was a higher than normal turn-out). I convinced everyone we should head over to East Side Mario's (better food and more room). We had 2 HUGE tables...and our very own waiters (because of the large number). Met some really great people (and some I already knew from online, etc.). Was a lot of fun. There was a rule that no one come 'overtly' dressed as a "baby", although I got away with my pigtails and pacifier clipped to the front of my jumper (dress). :-D I'm sure several people there (besides myself) were diapered, but it wasn't really the main topic of conversation. Kind of like the conversations that go on in the ADISC chat there was a little bit of everything discussed and not much of anything. LOL

    It is definitely an experience I would repeat, and I encourage anyone over the age of 18 to find a 'munch' in your area and take the bull by the horns and go to a meet!

    ps I would point out that a munch is a place to meet like-minded people. It is NOT for 'hooking up' or meeting someone to 'date'.

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    I've been to several munches over the past few years, I'd recommend going. If you live in a metropolitan type area you can probably find an Ab/Dl specific one, I've been to one of those a few times, although since I'm in a rural area going to that one is a bit of a drive. Also, I organize a monthly "general kink" munch in my hometown, generally about 10-15 people come.

    Honestly, it's very much like just having lunch (or dinner as we do) with friends. Usually we try to get a private table, our usual restaurant has a "party room" so ours is usually in there so we can be a bit more open about talking. Topics of discussion are generally pretty varied and not at all always kink related. Generally people are pretty welcoming of new people, I know I do try to be. However if you're under generally would not be welcome to attend.

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