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Thread: Re using nappies

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    Default Re using nappies

    just wondering how many of you would re use a nappy if it has been worn and still clean or been used for a small wetting then taken off for a shower or something. I use premium nappies and hate the thought of throwing a good nappy away.

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    If I haven't wet it or whatever, I will on occasion take my diapers off and wear them again later. I just prefer not to since they don't seem to fit as well the second time around.

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    I usually never take my diapers off, unless it is necessary to change them. I think it is wasteful to take them off without it being totally necessary, as it is usually going to be difficult to tape the diaper on securely after you take it off. Also, if you barely used it the diaper and decided to put it on later, it might not be so enjoyable when putting it back on. (cold diaper=no fun)

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    First off, re-using a diaper that has not been peed in or defecated into is still considered unsanitary for the sole reason that you still sweat in them and your sweat is waste that your body tries to get rid of. Second, most disposable diaper don't take well to that kind of changing. Their design in intended to prevent reuse. Once the tapes come back off, their not meant to go back on; and if they do, one would find that the tapes are significantly weaker than before. Diapers without landing zones are prone to having the tapes tear the backing. The only other way of re-using a diaper is to treat it somewhat like a pull-up. But once again (depending upon your body shape) you will find that doing so causes stretching in the diaper wings so that when you put it back on, it doesn't feel as snug as it was before. Overall, this makes the experience less enjoyable. Lastly, your sweat will absorb into the padding, causing it to bunch up, even with premium diapers. This leads to unevenness in the padding and also decreased capacity as well.
    Also you should definitely not re-use a diaper if it has taken a small wetting. The urea in your pee will deteriorate into, among other things, ammonia (NH3), which is a powerful base chemical and skin irritant.

    Yes, I have done this before and while I do not condone re-using a diaper, I will advise that you consider the possible health risks before doing so.

    Don't do it.

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    If I have wet the diaper, even a little bit, I will not re-use it. However, I have (in regards to premium diapers) put them back on again at a later time. However, when I put on a premium diaper, I usually know whether or not I will have enough time to fully enjoy it. If I know I will not have enough time to enjoy it, I will tailor my activities so that I will not sweat in them. For example, I might just lay on the couch and watch TV or play video games. Then once I am out of time, and have to go do something, I will treat them as a pull-up and slide them off and put them away for later use. Now if I don't have a lot of time, and know I will be doing something active (like mowing grass or house work) I will use a store bought diaper that way if all I do is wear it and sweat in it, I can toss it out, and no big loss is incurred.

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    I have done this on the odd occasion like getting up in the middle of the night to go number 2s, it's true the padding seems to start to break up and the tapes take a hammering but when you are IC especially it can seem like a terrible waste.

    I don't think I could put one back on if I had taken it off hours before or say if was extremely hot and I had been perspiring noticeably or if it was top sheet touch wet cold and clammy or if I had a rash but otherwise waste not want not.

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    I actually do this all the time, Im very stingy with my diapers and I dont like to throw one away unless its a cheap generic brand that I have tons of or if its wet. But because of my busy work schedule and school schedule, I never get to fully enjoy it so I will wear a diaper on my lunch break and spend the entire hour in a premium diaper, but then when the hour is over i'll take it off and fold it back into its original fold and put it under my bed or in my drawer, sometimes I even wear the same diaper for more than 3 days, if only for an hour a day max, that way its not a dirty diaper and it can be re-used, however when I DO wear them, I try to make them fit snug yet loose so that it doesnt put too much strain on the tapes. THAT way when I decide to wear it and officially decide i will have enough time to take full advantage of the diaper, I put it on nice, tight and snug and the tapes 90% of the time stay on nice and tight with the occasional pop-off at first diapering. But yeah, I REALLY dont like to waste diapers..

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    No! not my kinda thing, i feel it would be like going to your laundry basket & putting yesterdays underwear back on . It is very rarely that any of my nappies are completley dry for more than 10 minutes after having put a clean one on even if it does not feel wet, i know it will be if i were to check down below. Most of the time the nappies i wear last about 4 hours before i need to change it, If i have to remove a nappy/diaper for any other reason such as the other call of nature (dirty nappies are so not me) or going for a bath or shower, I will always put a clean one even if i have only had it on for a little while

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    I would never do this nor would i reccomend any one else do this purely on health grounds infact on my packs of nappies it shows a crossed out circle with a number 2 inside it which means product is not to be re used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louise View Post
    ...i feel it would be like going to your laundry basket & putting yesterdays underwear back on...
    Ye, I do but pretty much only if I havent wet as I feel that its a watse and I dont do it much and only in the expensive ones and not really more than once. Louise I have also been know to do that :P not out of choice but because I have none clean.

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