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Thread: The First Presidential Debate

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    Default The First Presidential Debate

    So, just a few moments ago, the first presidential debate took place between both senators: McCain and Obama

    I was just wondering a few questions, and I would also like to have a mini debate over other members opinions. As we saw, both senators held their ground pretty well, but:

    Where do you think they messed up?

    What were they wrong about?

    Did this change your vote?

    How do you feel your candidate stands and what benefit would he have on our economy and our foreign policy?

    Since I was in the middle, I do believe that Senator Obama has my vote as of now. I liked his focus on how the people of this nation (not only the top 5% of wealth) should get a break in tax deductions. I also feel that his war policies are right on target and he is not afraid to do what is necessary if a problem arises with Iran and Russia. I also lost much faith in McCain just because he kept on saying the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. It became really irritating. Another issue was the fact that Obama tried to find common ground with McCain and agreed with him over somethings and made some tweeqs but McCain always disagreed and was extremely close minded.

    What do you think?


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    I thought McCain said he wasn't going to do the debate because of the economy or something...But whatever...I saw like 5 minutes of it, and then I got bored and watched Spongebob >.>

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    I only semi-paid attention to it. Pretty much nothing could change my mind about me Baracking the Vote, so it was just something I was only idly watching.

    I did notice McCain was extremely long-winded, while Barack was more straight forward, and didn't pussy-foot around.

    I should watch the next ones more closely though, I really would like to add more, I was just distracted. My cousin's baby was cuter than either candidate lol

    EDIT: @ Pojo: Because of the bailout, McCain said they should wait for the debate, Barack called him on it, and said the President should be able to focus his attention on more than one thing, and politely declined to re-schedule. McCain finally announced this morning he would do the debate, because the people running the show in Congress said they didn't need McCain.

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    I didn't see the debate but would like to put in my about the state of the contry and the presidental election.

    As it stands now if I could vote I would vote for Obama. I think that anyone that backs Bush in anything as much as McCain does needs to have their head examened and I just don't think McCain is the kind of person we need right now.

    Obama has empressed me ever since he made his speech at the DNC. I think he is a great speaker and much better then McCain. Another thing that I like is that like McCain Obama is runing ads that attacks McCain and thats just how the election works but the one thing that really impressed me was an ad I saw of Obama's were he is sitting infount of the camera and just talking about what he plans to do as president and I like that.

    I will admit that I do think Obama has his issues but compared to McCain he's a saint.

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    I only saw a part of it as i had errands to run. But based on what i saw Obama seemed to have much more self confidence than McCain and was much more direct in his answers.

    As far as the issues go I still hold the same views as i did before.

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    It might be my right-wing mindset, but I thought that McCain did an extremely good job holding up beside Obama, who I will consider one of the greatest orators our generation will likely every see.

    What needs be remembered is that, at the heart of it all, McCain played the role of a debator, and Obama played the role of a salesman. For as much as I respect Obama, his self-confidence did nothing to instill in me the feeling that he would be a solid representative for our country. I found that McCain's rebuttals were marshaled much more often with supported fact. McCain's manner also won me over with him -- while Obama was flashing these slight smirks and interrupting McCain with "John--," I found that the speaker in him had given way to someone who felt like a more impatient child not getting his way. McCain, however, either watched his opponent or the moderator and seemed to uphold what felt like a more chivalrous code of debate.

    I felt as though McCain was more well-versed on his responses and was able to disseminate the information of his proposals to me in a much more understandable way than Obama. Obama, for as talented a speaker as he is, did not shine with the usual glow that he seems to have when speaking on a podium all his own, and I felt many times in the debate that he was grabbing the informative coat-tails of his opponent and trying to launch himself forward in front of the points that McCain was bringing forward.

    While Obama continuously made what I considered egotistical comments regarding his future presidency ("When I become president, I reserve the right to meet with anyone I desire"), McCain refrained from these and stuck away from trying to sell me his speech and instead give me what I wanted: the knowledge that, in the debate, he felt like the Alpha with the information he needed to have, and was aware of the limitations that will accompany his potential office. Unfortunately for Obama, the President won't get to do everything he desires.

    Check, check, check those balances.

    My final thoughts?

    McCain renewed my faith that he will be able to hold his own against Obama in open debate. I questioned his ability to speak against someone as well-spoken as Obama, but he did my heart as a Republican a lot of pride.

    Obama, however captivating he always is as a speaker, loses a modicum of charisma when he is left outside of the devices of a written speech. However more able to flow he was with his language than McCain, I still did not feel as though he could master the concepts of policy that McCain brought forth to support his angles.

    I give this one to McCain.

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    I wasn't sure where this debate was going until the very end, when Obama said something to the effect of: I don't want to lose in Iraq, I want to spread our resources to take on the rest of the challenges the Republicans have been ignoring.

    McCain's rebuttal was literally to repeat the Barack Obama had no experience six times. SIX TIMES! I've never seen someone so speechless in a presidential debate.

    McCain did good, and he's changed my views on a few things. Its scary to think Obama would authorize attacks into an ally's nation without thier approval, but its equally scary that John McCain said that "a president's gotta do what he's gotta do... attacking inside Pakistani, that's not something you say aloud."

    It looks like the democrats are going to benefit, but it wont be by much. Neither side had the "wow effect."

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    I just watched it on YouTube, and hot damn! McCain got D-O-M-I-N-A-T-E-D!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connor92 View Post
    I just watched it on YouTube, and hot damn! McCain got D-O-M-I-N-A-T-E-D!
    I have to agree. I don't really see how anyone can say McCain won. He had a few good points here and there, but Obama's points were better. McCain also seemed very awkward as Obama was talking. (not that I'd be any less nervous in such a situation myself). There were also a few times where McCain twisted Obama's words.... I didn't see Obama doing any of that (feel free to correct me if I missed something though). Obama tries to do things respectfully, but McCain resorts to generalization, false statements, and common political tricks.

    I guess no one truly wins a debate though. If someone agrees with one candidate, then there's a high chance he will just say that person won.

    To tell the truth though.... I don't think McCain would be half as bad if he hadn't picked Palin. He became 5x worse to me when he picked her. I wish he had just picked Romney. (This is coming from someone who supported & voted for Hillary, so I'm not sexist)

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