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Thread: Is it that students can make an impact?

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    Default Is it that students can make an impact?

    I bring this topic to yours as it may seem to some controversy.

    I am a student in college. Some time ago the our government made ​​a decision to implement an increase in tuition fees at the University. I live in Quebec (Canada), here the system is mainly done to give a strong redistribution of wealth (taxes).

    The announcement create alot of debate and rebellion. Over 60% of students would be unable to continue their studies. Also, this will create a big impact on the middle class who already barely making ends meet.

    For more than three months, several student unions are launching protests, including a strike by about 250,000 students. Irroniquement, the government refuses to listen to them that this must indicants Implement this increase in prétexe it will fund the universities, knowing that some Rectors wages are reaching the quarter-milion.

    Thus, I would like to know your position on the importance that students can have on a state decisons. Should we be listening?

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    On the one hand, I can see the point of not raising tuition fees, but on the other, I'm paying over triple what some people are there, so I don't really buy the argument that 60% would not be able to continue their studies.

    I really haven't been paying that close attention to it.

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    Maybe but maybe not. We recently saw in increase in fees from £3500 to £9000 for students who start this September which was even worse after one of the parties explicitly said they would not do this and so got a large proportion of the student vote. We held a large protest or two and while it gathered attention it was because some idiots took it as an opportunity to riot which ruined what we were trying to get across. Chances are that it won't make a difference but it will certainly show a message to the government that people really do give a shit about this sort of thing.

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    Your tuition is about half of what people in other provinces pay because your government get billions of dollars from the rest of Canada every year. No one outside of Quebec is going to feel much sympathy because they have been picking up the tab for decades.

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    I'm sorry guys for this misunderstood, I wanted to use this as an example.

    I agree with you that we have to bear these costs, but I find it inhumane to see a government take it easy while 250,000 students are protesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    Your tuition is about half of what people in other provinces pay because your government get billions of dollars from the rest of Canada every year. No one outside of Quebec is going to feel much sympathy because they have been picking up the tab for decades.
    I agree on the fact that it is hypocritical and spoiled. For cons, I want specified that decisions taken in relation to education are provincial level. In fact, the federal government have nothing to do in this, they don't pay for it.

    I do not like the way you seem consider us. As if we would not be Canadian too ... We are more than 7milions (on 32milions) paying their federal taxes as you do, and you consider us as the least who keep your money. I am for rising tuition, but I am very sovereingnist, especially when I see it! What pride to be Canadian

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    We do pay for it. The provincial government overspends by about 8 billion a year that is made up by transfer payments. And the money does not go to just keep Quebec from becoming a third world province. It goes to providing free and subsidized services that are paid for out of pocket or through private insurance everywhere else. Everyone's taxes are higher so people in Quebec get paid to have children with free fertility treatments and put them in subsidized daycare.

    A lot of people in Quebec do not consider themselves Canadian and vote for politicians that share the sentiment. It is rather infuriating when an elected official tells you that you have no culture of your own and we should thank them for the privilege of paying more taxes for the benefit of living next to a nation of cultured people. If the people of Quebec would stop electing such smug politicians to represent them the opinion of the province might improve.

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    I'll jump on the "cry me a river" bandwagon. Here in Nova Scotia tuition is generally high (infact I think it might be the highest in the Country.. it was at one point at least).

    In general I do agree that tuition should be lower _everywhere_. I think educating people is the best thing that can be done for a society (though preventing abuse is always hard) and wouldn't mind my tax dollars going towards the cause. It's just hard to have sympathy for a province that has it better than just about everyone else at the moment!

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    I prefer to stop this now xD And ya I'm concider me as "Quebécois". I think we are able to run ourself because I believe strong on my nation.
    Ya we pay nothing in titution (like 2500$CND/years atm and should rise of 75% in 5years.)

    Have free things like that is like a dream. In reality we need to cover other thing because richer wont be generous, like our brothers of Alberta (simply kidding )

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    First world Canadian problems.

    Do you guys have any idea what college costs in the US?

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    I remember going to a huge protest against tuition in my student days. Not sure what kind of impact it made, but I remember it surely made the national news and all that.

    While the individual protest certainly doesn't make much of a different, it's part of a strategy to change public opinion. Politics in democracies fear nothing more than an opposing public opinion, so protests can raise awareness among the general public.
    If that doesn't work, found a new party. Always works here...the Eco Freaks founded the Greens in the 1970s and becamse part of a coalition government for 8 years around the year 2000, and two years ago, the nerds founded the Pirate Party which went from 0 to 15% of the votes in no time flat. Now the politicians of other parties are shaking with fear over losing their voters to the Pirates. So maybe you should found the Student Party? (although that sounds more like it's about partying non-stop).

    As for tuition here: We don't have tuition as such here for state-run unis, although around the time of my taking part in the protests, most states started with a 50 EUR "admin fee". A couple of years ago, most states introduced a 500 EUR per semester "study fee" (not called "tuition"). Strangely enough, most state governments have realized that charging all students 500 EUR a semester does nothing to correct the chronic underfunding of universities, so quite a few states have done away with the 500 EUR again since it's always a very popular topic for elections. But really, so is any hot topic in most state elections.


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