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Thread: Bambinos help?

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    Default Bambinos help?

    Hi all!

    I just got the green light for ordering my first diapers! =D

    I'm having trouble logging in to the Bambinos website. I just made an account earlier this afternoon, and when I try to login it just refreshes the page. (I think.)

    I e-mailed them and they said I have to add stuff to the cart to be able to log in, but when I hit "add to cart" it takes me to the "your cart is empty" page.

    So I'll fiddle with it.

    One thing though, I really want to know about how long they take to ship. What with my troubles already, I'm afraid I'll accidentally ship them on the wrong day and they'll arrive when everyone's home. That won't be good.

    So, Bambino customers, how many business days does it usually take for your stuff to arrive??

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    That is almost impossible to gauge reliably, unless you are going with next-day or two-day air. You're in a major metropolitan area, so it will be quicker than if you lived in the boonies, like me. However, beyond that, guessing is the best you're going to be able to do; it is far from an 'exact science'. Sorry :-/

    I can say, though, that Bambino is very good about getting their product out quick, usually the next day. Once it's out of their hands, you're at the whim of the package deities.

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    Well, I actually live in the 'burbs about 40 miles west of Chicago. (But don't tell anyone! =P)

    So if I'm aiming for Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday next week, I should order on Monday? Approximately?

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    see who they ship with. if it's fedex (maybe ups does this) you can hold the package at the nearest fedex, then you can drive/ride your bike to go get them.

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    I got all the kinks worked out.
    I'm gonna order them late tonight and hopefully they'll arrive this week.
    Thanks again!

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    I ordered a sample pack of Bellissimo's yesterday. I'm guessing it will be here by Wednesday or Thursday. It takes at least 3 days for your diapers to arrive with free shipping.

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