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Thread: cleaning sippy cup valves/stems, etc.

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    Default cleaning sippy cup valves/stems, etc.

    Today I found out that pipe cleaners (like the kind used in arts and crafts) work wonders in cleaning tight areas like inside the plastic valves of my playtex no-spill sippy cups, and inside the stem/spout as well. I also assume they can't be used as a bottle brush if you wrap them around a piece of wire. Or just use them normally like I did but sticking them in and sliding them around with a little bit of pressure.

    Either way it really removed whatever this black stuff was from one of my cups. I am thinking it was left over pulp from some Simply Lemonade that was just rotting. Since it wasn't bunched up in a area like mold/mildew normally might.

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    I've had that happen before.... Yeah not really much fun. But that's awesome you found a way to clean it! I'll have to remember that next time I have something stuck.

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    This makes perfect sense, but I forgot about the existence of pipe cleaners until you mentioned them. Thank you, as I might be able to clean the locking lid on my travel mug now!

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