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    I just ordered some real plastic pants and was wondering how they compare heat wise to the trashbag-makeshift alternative.

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    It all depends on the material there made from. The vinyl ones seem to not be as bad for retaining the heat as bad as the pvc ones. Also try putting a pair of just regular underwear between your diaper and plastics helps absorb any leak.

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    There's a new material called PUL and it's even better than vinyl. My experience is that vinyl plastic pants aren't bad until the summer, and then they can get quite uncomfortable. I tend to wear less in the summer, but then my mother in law comes to visit and live with us during the summer, so that is a bit inhibiting.

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    Yes, my pants from Gary mfg are quite warm, but comforting throughout the day.

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    Hi, I have been wearing cloth diapers and plastic underpants many years now at bedtime (the anti-medication had too many side effects so the doctor agreed as long as I was comfortable with undergarment protection that is fine). I only have an accident at night about 2 - 4 times per month so wearing them nightly is just greater security. My problem the other day was I had a 5 hour flight and by the time i made it to the airport bathroom I relieved myself completely in the urinal onyl to feel several minutes later while walking the terminal a softball-size wet spot in my crotch (post release?). This was the first time this ever happened during waking hours! At night my diaper and plastic underpants work perfectly and I am comfortable. But I have tried just plastic underpants over my regular underwear before while sleeping in a car for a 6 hour trip and it is way too hot in my groin area and becomes somewhat painful (never did that again and just hope if I nod off I do not have an accident). Are there plastic underpants that hold in mild spotting / wetness but let hot air circulate out while wearing just regular underwear? I really do not want to wear a full diaper and plastic underpants during day time hours if light spotting is all I need protection for. Any thoughts / experince? Thanks

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    The PUL is barely noticeable heatwise. It is all I wear

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    Quote Originally Posted by repaidrevol View Post
    Yes, my pants from Gary mfg are quite warm, but comforting throughout the day.
    those hurt my legs after a while. has anyone tried the plastic-pants from gary with the elastic rolled inside the plastic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    those hurt my legs after a while. has anyone tried the plastic-pants from gary with the elastic rolled inside the plastic?
    The pvc and vinyl ones tend to be warm I can second that gary ones are extremely warm, and often uncomfortable and hard to size, so while cute stay far away from them. If you see them at mama's pants steer clear of them the rest of there stuff is great but, they really need to stop selling the gary plastic pants. The others that I have are vinyl and much cooler, and the flannel or satin covered ones feel even cooler and really help with the warm feeling as they keep your legs out of contact with plastic which makes them fell much cooler even as counter intuitive as adding material to be cooler is. I also have some pul ones they are very cool and breath well, I like them, I have some green ones, white ones, and purple ones, as well as some white all in ones, which I use straight cloth cover with to make them look more cute, and because I like my how my cloth covers feel better than the texture of the Pul.

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    If all you need is a little protection during the day, it sounds like a disposable pull-up might work better.

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    Thanks for the insight! I will try to find the PUL type. Pull-ups and even pads may be a option but I am rather "environmental" about my undergarments so wearing a disposlble for only spotting is not my first choice. I like the plastic underpants as they are washable along with diapers and underwear. Thanks again for all the details! Also, I hike alot and when I have worn diapers and plastic underpants at night I can rinse them well in shower rooms in private and though damp even at the end of the day they still work well at night for security. Being in a damp diaper from rinsing or wet from an accident is no different! Sure beats a wet sleeping bag that all your hike buddies can obviously see and me explaining it in the best comical fashion I can. Plenty of them have been drunk before in their past and all have noted their accidents. After my one time with a wet sleeping bag I found it better to take along protection and put it on in my one man tent and get right into my sleeping bag but then put some sweat pants over that when getting up in the morning with a wet diaper. Going to the shower room takes care of anyone noticing anything although I think one or two friends may have noticed / been suspicious about something in the past but said nothing to my relief.

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