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Thread: I Have a huge problem/ My host brother kissed me

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    Default I Have a huge problem/ My host brother kissed me

    let me start at the beginning. he's 1 and a half year younger than me, medium build, and cute. before i had went to school he was packing for a feild trip I had just gotten back from school and it was late seeing as how it was my job to help clean the classroom. just when i enter the house he hugs and kisses me and go out the door. and i have no idea for. it not that i didnt like it i just dont know what to make of it. and i can't ask him because he's on a trip

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    Where did he kiss you?

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    Since you said host brother, I assume you're an exchange student, or part of a "study abroad" program, Is this correct, if you don't mind me asking? If so, is it also correct that you have no familial relation to this boy that kissed you?

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    I am a exchange student. that is correct im a highscholl student here in japan (2nd year), but i did graduate in the states. and he isnt family

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    I think you should greet him with a kiss next time you see him! :P And then ask about it.

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