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    I keep getting this nagging feeling like I want to chew on something; like my gums are aching and the only way to relieve it is by chewing on something to slightly irritate them... in a good way... If that makes sense..

    What's a good round-the-house object I could use? And, just curious, but does anyone else get that?

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    That's actually the one reason that I found this place. My wisdom teeth come and go, odd I know; but more importantly I have bruxism, and was searching for something to keep me from destroying my teeth.

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    I found when I was teething wisdom teeth gum was my very best friend. It helped that urge and made my breath smell minty lol. You could also try some teething rings (if your going for an AB solution.) just make sure that it's long/thin enough to fit into the back of your mouth. There are literally hundreds of teething rings/toys so if you can't find any in stores look online. Hope this helps.

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    I have to do this all the time: I chew straws to avoid damaging other stuff. That might help. What I do is I roll them up and then start to chew.

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