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Thread: tips for sleeping in diapers

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    Default tips for sleeping in diapers

    i want to sleep in diapers but my parents are always home what can i do?

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    i think u could use them at nites when ur parents sleeping... good luck dude ^^

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    when I lived at home I would always tell my folks I was going to bed... then just diaper up and climb into bed... did it for years... no problems....

    you should be old enough that your parents don't tuck you in anymore... so just make sure you close your door and stay covered up... shouldn't be too big of an issue.

    of course I would also always set my alarm so I would be up 10-15 mins early so I could take the diaper off and dispose of it before it was time to be up and moving around...

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    Also what you should do is wear flannel pants or some kind of sleep pants over up diapers or what ever you decide to wear.

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    Dude, Forseille...

    I have no suggestions on what to do any better, but I have to tell you, your avatar deserves a medal.

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