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    Ever since I can remember I have liked diapers. Although I have never really acted on my love for diapers until about 2 years ago. Sure when I was a kid I would sneak a diaper or two or maybe even a pullup from one of my younger siblings and enjoy it, but I never really came to grips about how much I really liked diapers until I was on YouTube one day and I had the gall to look up teen in diapers. A video came up of a teen just filming himself in his wet diaper, he looked so happy! The diaper he was wearing was huge (later found out it was a bambino diaper) up to that point I had thought the biggest diaper out there was a size 6 baby diaper. So I did some research. There were diapers out there that could fit me! There were people out there just like me! I had used to think that my love for diapers was some weird thing that only affected me, but no! There was millions of people out there that were like me, diapers were not weird, they were wonderful! So now I can proudly say that I wear diapers, not 24/7 but whenever I can and am happy doing so!
    Other than my love for diapers I am 18 and going off to college at BYU in the summer. I love sports, especially track and field and almost anything that gives me a rush. When someone uses the analagy of if everyone else was jumping off a cliff would you follow them? My answer to that is, heck yes, as long as I have a parachute or a bungee cord atatched to my feet! I am planning on entering the medical field for my career choice because I think that the human body is the most fascinating and wonderful thing on this earth.

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    Wow, that was a great introduction! Very positive! Isn't it wonderful to know that you are not alone in this interest? What field of medicine do you want to study?

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    Very positive and comprehensive introduction. Welcome to ADISC!

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