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Thread: Is transsexualism a sin?

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    Default Is transsexualism a sin?

    My dad says so. He says I'm going to Hell whether I get a sex reassignment surgery or not. Is this true, or is my dad just homophobic/transphobic?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I guess it depends on your religion. In Wicca, I think the worst that could be said about SRS is that you are purposefully visiting harm upon your body. Oddly enough, the "ultimate crime" in Wicca is intentionally burning an Elder tree.

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    I would say not. There is no commandment stating "Thou shalt not desire to be the opposite gender", and even if you'd be making yourself "lesbian", you'd still, from the standpoint of your original gender, be heterosexual. Your dad is in the wrong here, regardless. Even if it was a sin, your sins are forgiven through Christ, so by telling you you'll go to Hell, he's just being a jerk.

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    Your dad is being a dick (no offense) but he's threatening his kid with eternal damnation for something e can't control, I'm not religious but I doubt a god who has been around forever and will always exist will care what you wear and what you do with your body

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    Regardless of all the religious doctrines and or values that are going to pop up in the is conversation, coming from a purely human standpoint (tell me it's Humanist, whatever, this is about dignity) it is most certainly not at all. Never let anyone make you feel bad about that, and God/Yahweh I highly doubt so does in my old experiences as a Catholic. He has given you that body as a gift and you are free to do whatever it is with it.

    But just to better explain why your dad feels that way, some Christian thought has come to that conclusion. Though personally I think the idea is bogus and morally bankrupt as someone who is Pagan. No person, deity, or otherwise, should make you feel ashamed or hate yourself. Ever..

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    I don't know about other religions, but in my own personally (Christianity) it depends on intent and not the act itself. Sin is in the attitude more than the act itself at times. I myself do not see it as a sin in my own life because I do not believe that it clashes with God's intent. (Not trying to press my religion on you)
    It all depends on your intent and attitude in my opinion. If you think of it as "God went wrong with me" then it is sinful. If you see it as "This is simply how I was made" then it might not be.

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    Thanks, guys. I just wish that my dad would see it the same way. And for the record, I'm Christian.

    He made me like this for a reason, I'm just not sure why. I'm starting to think that it's because I'm attracted to women.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyPandora View Post
    Thanks, guys. I just wish that my dad would see it the same way. And for the record, I'm Christian.
    There are other Christians that are that way, and feel that way same as you. Seek them out. You are not alone in that regard, either. Never be afraid in that regard. I remember being in your shoes around that age when I left my church when such hard things and ideas were coming at me (which weren't right for me spiritually and as a person). It's best to have support of people that understand your spiritual needs, as well as your physical ones.

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    Try this: If god is righteous and just, why would he give a fuck what you care to do with your own body, so long as it hurts no one else?

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    hi BabyPandora...

    i understand a little of what it must feel like to have a father-figure whom you respect come down on you over religious differences. it has happened to me and i am catholic. for me the man was a Priest whom i had worked with for 5 or 6 years.

    i really looked up to that man in so very many ways and felt so betrayed and let-down by Him. but too, i learned that nothing that i could say was ever going to change His mind just as He could never change my mind.

    His mind and decision had been based in religious dogma. where as my choice was made in my heart of hearts. it didn't matter who was right. what mattered was that i followed my calling, my heart. this because it is my heart and my calling that i will have to live with, not someone else's dogma......

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