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Thread: 18 years old

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    Default 18 years old

    Just wondering...

    When did you guys turn 18, if not 18, when do you turn 18?
    Has, or did life changed much at all for you?
    If you were in high school when you turned 18, were you still treated like a minor?
    How did you celebrate your 18th?
    If you could control time, would you want to be 18 forever, or would you prefer being younger?

    I brought this up because I hear people all the time say "it looks glamorous to be 18 and independent but it sucks because of such and such reasons". Just wanted to get some other opinions here.

    As for me, I don't turn 18 for another 10 or 11 months.

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    Okay, the basics...

    I turned 18 last year.

    I was out of school and in university.

    How'd I celebrate? My brother, my brother's friends and my friends organised a surprise party at a bar (with a bowling alley in it), following by a trip to a nightclub. Never paid for entry and I never paid for a single drink.

    Did life change much for me? Besides a pay-rise at work, no, not at all.

    • By the time I had turned 18 I had already been out drinking before (sneaked into a nightclub at 16), so drinking had already been checked off the list.
    • I had been able to purchase cigarettes, but I never was a heavy smoker, and I don't smoke now at all. No need to purchase cigarettes.
    • I had gambled before, but I absolutely hate gambling (bar a few certain games).
    • Sex hasn't been too much of a factor in my life, so no problems I want to disclose there.

    In fact, nothing really changed much when I turned 18. People may have perceived me a bit differently, but that was only because I was now old enough to go out and drink. In the law's eyes I became an adult... but it's not like I often have a run-in with the law... Too be honest, I still feel the same now as I did when I was 16-17.

    Being "of age" is overrated. There's nothing special about it unless you are an alcoholic, compulsive gambling, chain smoking, 17-year-old nymphomaniac. If I could control time, I'd probably speed it up to age 22 or 23 and stay around there. It'll give me the freedom and responsibility associated with being an adult, but I'd still have youthful looks and maturity.

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    I turned 18 in Summer of 1968. Since I had repeated the 10th grade I was still in school, getting ready to go into the 12th grade. Finally!!!

    It wasn't a big deal for me to turn 18, or 21, or any other age. I've never thought much about age. It's always just another year for me and nothing special at all. Probably sounds odd for someone to feel that way, but I do.


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    I'll be 18 in 4 years 3 months and 14 days so I have a long time to wait

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    I'll have to wait (exactly) 1 more year. So sorry can't help you on that one though (at least here it's this way) there isn't a exact line between minor and major, it's not like the day you are 18 they start treating you any different then the day before.

    Here you become a major in certain parts of the law at 16 but I haven't really noticed anything of that.

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    Just wondering...

    "When did you guys turn 18, if not 18, when do you turn 18?"

    I turned 18 on Nov 20th 2005..

    "Has, or did life changed much at all for you?"

    Didn't change at all aside that I started to vote.

    "If you were in high school when you turned 18, were you still treated like a minor?"

    I was still in high school the teachers always knew I was mature most of the time. After I finished off my credits but still needed to work on my senior project I became more like a TA.

    How did you celebrate your 18th? I caught a plane to go to Bend,Oregon where my older brother lives. Me, my brother, his girl friend and two of their room mates went up to Mt. Bachelor to snowboard. I didn't know how and like most hard things I sadly gave up on it way to early. Personally I did not like the thought of going up on a chair lift nor sliding down a mountain even if some slopes are not steep at all.

    Also with all the gear its a really work out and you do indeed sweat with about 3 layers of clothing on. After that since I never even used my lift pass we got it exchanged for a pass to the snow tubing park. Which is odd I don't want to be in control of a snowboard but I will ride on a inter tube going down a slope? (granted it wasn't the whole mountain or 1/3rd of it)

    Anyways after 40 mins the rest of them came and joined me and we had a few races. They had snow walls set up to prevent crashes and it was pretty hard to hit them in order to get air time off them though some people did come close. My brother and his friend went down head first in order to gain more speed I think. I never did since I don't like taking big risks like that.

    Later that night me and my older brother went to applebee's alone for my birthday dinner. His friend worked there so I got a free dessert and I told them to hold the signing. It was pretty empty anyways everyone was down at the new REI store I guess.

    Anyways I wasn't up there just for my birthday. Me my brother and his girlfriend left from Bend to go to Coos Bay and be with our mom's side of the family for thanksgiving. It was also pretty much a exact year after our sister died.

    "If you could control time, would you want to be 18 forever, or would you prefer being younger?"

    I'd prefer being 15 all the time I think. No real reason other then being a adult sucks more then it has its rewards.

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    I can't remember much about my 18th birthday, so I don't think it was anything special. Me and my friends had no interest in the whole getting drunk bit (besides, you can buy beer&wine at age 16 anyway, so there was no point). I think we went to a restaurant to celebrate that day.
    As opposed to so many other people, I didn't get my driver's license on my 18th birthday either. I started driving school a few weeks after my birthday (out of pure lazyness!) and didn't get my license until more than a half year after my birthday.

    And things certainly didn't change the day of my 18th birthday. I was still in school for 1 1/2 years after that day, so why would things suddenly be different? I didn't own a car of my own until I was 23, so you can't even claim that being 18 and (eventually) having a license allowed me to get out more - I still used my bike and buses after turning 18!

    As far as adult responsibilities are concerned: I've had them since I was 15 for reasons that don't have to be discussed here, so nothing changed there either. Well, one responsibility was stacked on top of the already existing ones: I was able to vote!


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    My 18th birthday is in 3 months and 13 days. So I can't tell you if it has changed me.

    What I can tell you is I haven't used any of the rights that came with being 16 in the UK, such as the right to leave education, the right to smoke (until the age was increased last year) or the right to make sweet (or perhaps not so sweet) love. Nor have I made use of the right to learn how to drive that came with my 17 birthday. I had two lessons and I hated it.

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