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Thread: Total Paci destruction!

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    Default Total Paci destruction!

    Ok so i'm a chewer have been my whole life, chew my nails, pencils, pens, plastic, controller cords, I have to buy wireless controllers & headset's because I will chew clean thru them in a day or two...... so here's my question are there paci's out there made for chewing? I've bought several paci's and tried "not" chewing but soon as I stop paying attention I've chewed a hole in it before i know it **

    If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!!!!! And thanks

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    Lol, you should buy a chew toy! :P

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    LOL yeah I thought about that, but they all squeek and my pup get's mad cause she thinks i took here toy!!!

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    You could try a heavy duty teething ring? Other than that I don't know of any paci's that will put up with chewing especially buy an adult. Or big lil kid

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleRobKY View Post
    LOL yeah I thought about that, but they all squeek and my pup get's mad cause she thinks i took here toy!!!
    You could always cut the squeaker out with a Stanley Knife.

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    I've managed to mutilate my C-air so I can't actually bite through it, I took the teat out of the C-air put it in another paci and inflated it before sealing it back together, (I'll take some photos so you can see what I've done give me 24h) it holds out pretty well and is a pretty big fit for a baby teat.

    If that doesn't work I'd say you need something solid and made of soft plastic, something that will let your teeth sink in without sustaining a lot of damage but provide enough resistance that they cannot touch so you can't bite through, the teething ring might be the way to go. Alternatively buy a lot of chewing gum ^_^

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    I don't know about a pacifier, but I've bought a few items from Sensory University that are awesome. Try their tough bar chew stick, maybe that'll work for you. If not, try some other ones from their site. =]

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    here are the photos I promised as you can see it took 3 pacis to make the C-air and 2 cheap pacis (blue and yellow) but the cheap pacis can be reused for any teat
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some European pacifier manufacturers make their largest sized pacifier nipples from solid silicone; they are designed for older toddlers/young children who have teeth so that they cannot be bitten through. This means that the nipple is hard (although still flexible) like a solid teething ring may be and does not deflate in and out as air filled of vented nipples do. They are suitable for chewing on as being made of silicone the nipples are still soft. If you like chewing then these may be perfect for you, although being in the US I cannot say how easy it would be for you to get your hands on some. Because the solid nipples are designed for older toddlers/young children they are comparable to other larger pacifier sizes (nuk 3, MAM 18+).

    Two brands of solid silicone pacifiers I own and would recommend are Difrax 18m+ and Bebe-jou 12m+. The size of the nipples are quite similar between the two, but Bebe-jou's are orthodontically shaped like a Nuk pacifier and Difrax's are symetrically shaped like a MAM pacifier.

    According to their site Difrax solid 18m+ pacifiers are available for $5.99 a pair in the US: 18+ months - Difrax USA

    Bebe-jou have a list of online retailers who sell their products here: bébé-jou | Online points of sale I haven't been through them so I don't know if they all carry the 12m+ dummy or ship to the US, but you may like to have a look there.

    Sorry I can't be more help in directing you to a place in the US which sells either of these brands, but with a little searching I expect you will be able to find a seller who ships to the US, and if you are looking for a dummy you can chew on I definitely recommend these.

    EDIT: Oh, I also thought another good option might be the 'razberry' teething pacifier (, which will probably be easier to get hold of in the US than the above two brands. They are not strictly pacifiers, they are teethers, but they look sort of like a pacifier and the nipple is made of durable, textured silicone suitable for chewing on. Unlike the pacifiers I mentioned above the teat is not solid here, which you may prefer, but it is durable. I have one of these and the nipple is also of quite a large size, however I don't think they are so good for sucking on; if you want something solely for chew then this would be good, but if you want to use it as a pacifier sometimes I'm not sure I would recommend it so much as the bumps on the nipple are not so comfortable. I also think this would be more susceptible to being damaged by an adult's teeth than the solid designs above. But as they are not too expensive and available in the US you may wish to try one.
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    @Fayte Thank you I looked over their site last night, not really sure if id like the stick but i'ma keep looking
    @Dylark Nice thanks for the pic's i'll have to look into doing that, might get more wear & tear from it
    @Crazykittensmile oh Thank you!!! those look pretty good, i'll check them out for sure, solid might just be the best pay for me to go

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