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Thread: Moving soon outish soon......HELP!!!

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    Exclamation Moving soon outish soon......HELP!!!

    Okay so a few days ago my bf's family, my bf, my parents and I all got into a fight over some thing stupid (how my bf and i clean our room) and my bf and i at the end of it went upstairs to our ro% om (same room as in the fight) and he told me he was moving out at the end of the month (we live with my parents) and me being me, said i would go with him as a heat of the moment thing, funny cuz when we were cleaning before the fight we were kinda packing away winter type clothes and things we don't use (nothing xual) at my parents house because my dads my roof my rules attitude so now im stuck. I dont want to move out yet im still in college im not ready mentally but at the same time i cant leave my bf id be a wreck with out him. What should i do??? (move is at the end of the month and we were going to move out in may before this thing)

    I've moved several times in my life but its always been with family and now this has got me so stressed i took out like 90% of my *b items and im keeping them right out of site but in arms reach

    and oh wow im ranting on here but please any advise would be good (i already thought of one thing that will help!! my white tiger is coming with me personally not in a bag or box but with me) and please for the third time ADVISE would be helpful HELP ME!!!!1

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    If your boyfriend lives in the same town or within driving distance then you could still live at your family's home and still see him.

    Anyways was the fight really just over how you and your boyfriend were cleaning your room. Or is there a underlying cause of your parents not wanting your boyfriend there, not wanting to support your life style, etc. I know in my family we fight over completely useless bullshit sometimes but there's a lot of pent up anger lying underneath it.

    My best advice is to possibly tel your boyfriend all of this and be honest you were chaught up in the moment and not thinking clearly. You were both in a emotional fight and when your in one and just coming out of one your not really able to think to your best ability. At least this is what I've normally seen and dealt with from personal experience.

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    My boyfriend and I lived at two different places when I was in college. He lived and worked for The American Boychoir School in Princeton, and I lived in Princeton, renting a room. We both went to Westminster Choir College. So I have to echo what Fire2box said, if the distance isn't far, can't you live apart, and yet, together. I went over to my boyfriends most every night because he was a dorm resident and had to be there at night.

    The other question is, what year are you in college? Remember that college is temporary. You will graduate and then get on with your life. Of course, at that point, you should get a job as should he, and then you could get your own place. It's the way most people live.

    I think the thing to remember is that even if boyfriend lives in an apartment and you at home, it's just a minor setback. You will graduate and get a job, and then you can plan your futures together. And as long as you aren't too far apart, you can enjoy the anticipation of getting together at night, sleeping over, and doing things with a little more privacy. You might learn to enjoy it. I sure did.

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