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    Just curious... How many diapers do you change daily? I so far go through 5 wet ones

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    I guess it depends on how wet or "full" you're willing to be.

    Some people would change straight away, others change only once it's about to leak :P

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    Most of the time i have to deal with 2-3 nappies/diapers each day,but i never let it reach full capacity so i will often change it, only to find it would have gone furthur but don't want to risk it leaking. Four hours is about the longest time i will be in the same nappy/diaper before i change it, even if it does'nt feel uncomfortable at the time

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    2-5 a day

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    Really only applies if you're 24/7... But, 4-5 of the tena slip plus, 2-3 of the more premium diapers.

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    I'm 24/7 and it all depends on what and how much I drink. Some days I only change twice especially if I double up. Most days 3-4 times.

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    I don't wear 24/7, but I'm usually still wearing more often than not. I use 1 or 2 diapers on an average day; I use boosters for extra padding and absorbency.

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    It depends on the quality of the diaper for me. Also, the amount of fluid I drink. It can be between 3-5.

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    If I wear for a continuous 24 hour period (do so at weekends sometimes) I will generally wear one overnight and 2 or 3 during the day. Obviously depends on the types of nappy I choose and how much I drink!

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    humm with me not using 24/7 that is hard right now i am at 2 every 7 days so alot less then one a day. but i do go to the potty 3-4 times a day and i think that is how many changes i would need. that is if i feel like chaining a nice warm, soft, squishy dipy.

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