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Thread: Diaper rash?

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    Default Diaper rash?

    I know wht it is but I don't know wht it feels like... I've slept In messy diaper once... (hey we all get curiouse) and I don't use any cream I just use baby powder so I wont chafe. Maybe it's because I'm native American? I don't know but I was wondering if there other like me that don't know the experience of a diaper rash even though they did the stuff I did?

    Srry for anything missed spelled... I'm using my phone

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    Rashes aren't pleasant. Can be mild, bad, or worse, depends on the situation and how your skin reacts. Best to just avoid it and never experience it. Or at least not regularly.

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    I really want to experience a diaper rash. I've never been able to do it no matter what I do. I think my skin is too tough or something.

    Just to have it to see what it's like for once would be pretty sweet. And having the whole mentality that "Oh I got this from wearing diapers".

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    I've always wanted diaper rash, too. I know everyone says it sucks, but I just want to experience it myself once. Once I do that, I'll feel like I'm complete as a DL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyPandora View Post
    Once I do that, I'll feel like I'm complete as a DL.
    This ^

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    I have absoutly no desire to have a rash down there....

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    Having sensitive skin can be a curse at times. It seems like every other day I develop a rash of some sort.
    Diaper rash is (at least to me) not at all pleasant. I once had it so bad that my skin started oozing and sleep? Forget about that. So believe when I say, I'm bewildered by the fact that someone would actually want one.
    With that said, if you seriously want a diaper rash make sure you wet, and mess in your diaper, and leave it on for awhile. When you change your diaper don't clean yourself up beforehand. After a time the urine and Feces will begin to breakdown your skin leading to a rash. Some people have thicker layers of skin than others but given enough time in a dirty diaper you will eventually develop one.

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