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    Default Weird dreaming lately

    For the past two days in a row I've had these extremely realistic dreams, and I'd wake up at random times feeling pissed off, talking loudly, or slamming my fists in to things, and then fall asleep a minute later.
    The first one involved me having something to do with going back to my school for the rest of the semester for whatever reason. And I was pissed off and having realistic arguments with my dad. At random times I'd wake up loudly saying, "**** you, I don't have to listen to you," or slamming my fists on the bed shouting. (Nobody really noticed because I wake up at 1 PM.)
    I thought this was a one time freak of nature event.
    Then the next day I had a dream that my sister saw me on some diaper websites and told everybody. In the dream it went to the point where real people I know were messaging me on Facebook and posting things on my wall.
    Anyways I woke up saying "You had no right to do that you jerk, that's private." and later woke up punching my wall. Hard. (I almost hurt my hand doing that.)
    And reflecting upon this, I realized that I've done this before. I woke up yelling part of a dream on a cruise ship. Apperantly I did that almost every night of the cruise, but I figured it was just because I was in motion.
    However, I'm not constantly swaying back and forth in my bed.
    Does anybody have a reasonable guess to why this dreaming is happening?

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    It sounds like an emotional response from your subconscious. Could be stress related.

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