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    I wanted to know what your guys opinions are on death.

    My Sunday School teacher of last year died either late last night or early this morning. I was very upset and still am. We weren't as close as I wish we were, but if were not for him, I might not still be a Christian. Yes, I cried. I cry a lot, for a guy. But I have been praying for him constantly since I heard. I wish for you guys to pray for him.

    I know we all bound to death, but I still hope it doesn't happen because death is scary. I will say though, I am not afraid to die, which is different than death. I'm an organ donor, so I know I'll help people even after I die.


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    Death means nothing to me. To be sure, I don't want to die, it's very inconvenient, but there is no fear of it. It's just something that will happen eventually, like taking a shit or getting old. Although, I will probably be a bit sad when my mom dies, but I can say that no death I've been involved in so far has caused any ill feeling. Well, there was one time when long after my favourite priest died (well, he was an arch-bishop at the time), I did feel moved at an anniversary memorial service. But that was more due to the greatness of being, humanity and, yes, grace that he personified in life.

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    I'm honestly afraid of death...But if it happens, then it happens...I don't believe that there is a heaven or hell really...But if there are, then it'd be nice (heaven that is...)

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    Also, please do not make this into a God thing. I would hate to start one.

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    I'm not afraid of death. If I die, I die knowing that I live a good life and that people well remember me even after my death.

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    I don't think I fear death, but it prob. is one of those things I won't *really* know until its right ---> there. I do have a healthy respect for life, and how I live it. Faith in an afterlife is one of the things that calms my fears. When my Grandfather died, I realized that all we (the living) have are the memories of our experiences with those who have gone on. Concentrate on making good memories all the way around.

    I know the feelings are raw right now, but it will get better.

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    I'm not afraid of death so much as I am scared of how I'm going to die. I just find it amazing that we can live to be over 80 years old and avoid billions of ways we could possibly die. That's over 29,000 days we grace this earth! And every day something could happen! What scares me to think is that even the slightest change in routine may ultimately see you to your early demise. Kind of of like that movie "Sliding Doors", where the most seemingly inconspicuous event has the biggest life outcome. The "What if...?" question is something I ask myself far too often for my own good.

    But as for actually passing on? I don't believe in heaven or hell, I simply believe in a higher state of existence where our consciousness resides.

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    Personally I know I am going to die I don't know when don't know how. I really don't care but I of course hope its not painful like anything else that might hurt me. I think everyone is sad when someone close to them dies, it sucks no one can deny that.

    I have no idea what happens after you die and that's what freaks me out. There's no way to find out I think there is a heaven and a hell, but I have no idea what either will be like. Is my soul something different then me right now? (don't answer that, its not a real question.)

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    Footed P.J.


    I am an atheist. I definitely believe in death, but don't believe we go anywhere. Kind of a bummer in a way. I'd love to be able to reincarnate or be able to reunite with passed friends and loved ones. But so it goes. I am convinced it will not happen, and I fully accept it.

    As far as the death process, I do cringe slightly to think about it. In reality, the brain decay that evolutionists say explains "near death experiences" seems like it could be kind of painful, though it's hard to describe how.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weswissa View Post
    Also, please do not make this into a God thing. I would hate to start one.
    hee hee. yes indeed, what could be more embarassing than inadvertantly being the one to start a god thing. XD

    i've never been particularly afraid of death itself. it's not like i'll be all upset about the experiences i will have missed; i doubt it'll matter that much to me after i'm dead. the one thing about death i find a bit unsettling is the process of dying. i was present for my grandmother's death from cancer (2 years ago now) which lasted just over a week and was relatively quick and painless. even so, it looked really unpleasant, and i can't say i'm looking forward to experiencing it myself. toward the end she became too weak to breathe properly, and the mucous and tissue in her lungs rattled with every breath. it's probably going to hurt when it happens, but happen it will so we may as well get used to the idea. chances are there are plenty of other things that will happen or have already happened to us in life that will hurt more. i've never broken any major bones, for example, and i'm wondering if it'll be possible for me to get through my life without ever doing so. still, i sometimes hope that when i die it'll be because i got run over by a bus or something. most people in this day and age wind up dying horribly long painful drawn-out deaths in hospitals.

    an elderly landlady of mine used to say that she hoped to die peacefully in bed at the age of 102: shot by a jealous lover.

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