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Thread: Build a baby walker?

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    Question Build a baby walker?

    Well I was watching the king of queens with my brother a year or so ago and an episode came on featuring a sorta funny scene of Doug acting like a baby. Heres the link:King Of Queens - Doug Junior - YouTube

    But the question I have is if building something like the walker in the video was possible? I think everything is completely do-able.. except for the plastic tray and plastic frame around the bottom. Your thoughts?

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    oh that would be SOOOOO FUUUUNNNNN I hope we get someone creative and talented on here who can come up with a way to do this!!!

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    I'm not so sure the frame & tray are plastic. Quite possibly wood with a high-gloss paint.

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    That could be make fairly made fairly easily with schedule 20 steel pipe a few fitting and some basic plastic work probly could be made for under 25$ in materials

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    you would have to really know what your doing to build one not something I would want the local firestation cutting me out of

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