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Thread: The Full Regressed AB (read, maturity is a must)

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    Default The Full Regressed AB (read, maturity is a must)

    The full regressed AB.
    We all know they exist, and give us a bad name... so to speak. However, one thing we do not consider upon making these judgments is that, it is a choice to do this. Obviously a good lot of them don’t rush the decision. If you view the “Heidi” special you can induce this. Heidi as the described AB likes to be called is exercising his right to do what he wants, his right to happiness. Obviously, he is providing the money for the venture… he is a retired individual. Does he not have the right to live his life as he chooses? Yes, many of these people need to exercise humility, don’t go out in full attire, and stick to the chlorophyll tablets. This is one area where I do believe you can say that they are wrong, morally.
    Outside of that, I really believe that we as a community should not be dropping these people at our doors. Through the year I have been around here I have seen them get a bad stigma, as long as they don’t encourage kids to take this on at a young age… what’s to worry about?

    This also brings about the Diaper Trainers.
    Having been incontinent for part of my life, I never quite enjoyed it. That may prove otherwise if I were to diaper train myself, without a shadow of a doubt… I’d enjoy it. It was my choice to do so… why wouldn’t I? This of course after a long time of consideration, preparation and planning for said event.

    Well…. I’m done… how do you guys feel?

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    Feel? To be honest, I don't care about other people's opinions very much, much less yours. But I will say, I definitely agree with the notion that people have the right to live as they choose, so long as it doesn't endanger others. Be that going out in AB attire, diaper training or something else, it doesn't matter to me. In fact, I find people like "Heidi" to have courage and balls I wish I did. Still, I have seriously considered toilet untraining myself, but I find my resolve lacking to actually go through with it. Although that may change in the years to come as my living situation becomes more independent, but I suspect I will remain potty trained until old ages claims that ability for me.

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    As far as the fully regressed AB goes, is it really any different than a crossdresser / transvestite that lives in that mode full time? I don't think so. That being said, you are right; they have every right to live their lives as they choose. The looks they get, the feelings they generate from the general public (and the more "conservative majority" of *b/dls) by choosing to be so in-your-face about the way they live are something they have to deal with. Being in the privacy of your own home, is one thing, a 40 yr old rolling in a stroller at the mall - something else. *new meaning for ridin' dirty*


    Having experienced incontinence, you have a frame of reference that the majority of us do not.
    I was a bedwetter until I was 13-14, and I can say I didn't like that much either. At all. (no diapers) So when I get up with a soaked diaper and I didn't wake up once, NOW, its sweet. I'm not totally un-training, to be in diapers forever 24/7, but when I am wearing, and I wet without "letting go" and realize it after its going, I get happy. I don't know why.

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    I'm never one to deny someone their inherited right to be happy or to partake in things that make them feel that way. I've got my own hedonistic tendencies, my own vices, and it would be hugely hypocritical of me to say otherwise. But that's not my problem with these sorts of ABs. My problem is that they bring it into the public eye, and the public is not yet at a stage where they can be objective about something as unusual as this. A lot of people tend to focus on the fact it is something outside the norm, thereby granting it automatic rights to be scrutinised and judged, as well as giving it largely negative connotations. I all for sexual deviation, it really makes things quite interesting, however not so when all parties involved aren’t willing participants. And yes, I do believe that just observing it is to partake in it to some degree.

    I’ve said it so many times in the before, yet I always come back to the same point:

    Regardless of anyone may think of it, it is still a fetish. People are always going be critical of it as such. Not only that, but it can be sexual as well. I’m a strong supporter in the ideal that sexual stuff should be kept private. I don’t expect people to ask me about my mine sexual deviations, nor do I ever divulge my sex-life too much simply because it’s not their business/right to know. Similarly, I will give people the same courtesy and not poke around their sex life. If they want to share it with me, then I’ll gladly reciprocate (to a certain degree), but I’m not going to go out of my way to do it.

    These “Public ABs”, I feel, do not have that courtesy. They make their business other people’s business, even when they clearly don’t want to get involved. I can deny people their right to be themselves (and that does include public humiliation), but I refuse to allow unconsenting parties to be exposed to this sort of nonsense. This may possibly be my only conservative view on the matter, only because it seems to be the most considerate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    Who is Heidi?
    He is a person living in Arizona, he is a LG as well as a AB I think. He fully lives this lifestyle all time work or play anywhere, all the time. So he wheres frilly depress uses diapers 24/7 and I think sleeps in a large crib or over sized toddler crib. Hes been shunned by like about 99% of his family and friends and those that still keep contact still think its rather odd and still don't fully accept it.

    Personally I think we have a right to keep these people away if we want to. I know we are not like them at all but there's always the guilt by association thing. This goes for ANY group of people and i don't think its wrong that they do it.
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    the thing i always wonder about "fully-regressed ABs" is whether they've always been that way, or whether they at one time had some sense of tact and moderation, and then slowly lost their inhibitions over time.

    i definitely feel that as i grow older i overcome my embarassment about infantilism, and i have the money and independence to indulge in it more often. it sort of worries me to think that maybe if the trend continues i could wind up wearing a bonnet and sitting in a giant high chair eating baby food. >///<

    i suppose people like heidi are old enough to make their own decisions. i don't necessarily think they're good decisions, and they reflect poorly on other ABDLs and make me just a little bit more embarassed to be one than i already am. still, lots of people make decisions i disagree with, and there's no point in getting my knickers all in a twist about them. i'm frankly quite a bit more embarassed by all the US citizens who are going to vote for mccain and palin in the coming election than i am by people like heidi.

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    I think fully regressed ABs are bizarre weirdos whether or not it was their choice to lead a lifestyle like ''Heidi'' doesn't come into my equation, I'll still think they're crazy. Call me a hypocrite for indulging in the fetish (albeit not to an extreme) but I don't see that as a reasonable pardon to accept whoever crosses my door with open arms. I won't and likely never will accept them but that doesn't mean to say I'll go out of my way to make my prejudiced known unless they cram it in my face.

    I'll keep at a safe distance, with a rocket launcher, just incase.

    People like Heidi don't make me angry or embarrassed I just prefer not to associate myself with them, that's my choice, if they don't accept they can crawl back into their oversized crib.

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    People can do whatever they want in private. I don't think living like a Fully regressed AB 24/7 is a honourable lifestyle, I see it as being like a (really rich) heroine addict or something where your life is merely a weird pleasure but you get nothing else from it. Kind of like going to school and only having recess, nice but depressingly pointless.

    Going out in public annoys me because it makes me look bad, it misrepresents ABs and gives us a dishonourable image. Also I think pushing a fetish onto other people is disrespectful.
    So they can do what they want, but they can't expect to be accepted by the more balanced AB community.

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    To be truthful... "fully regressed" ABs... 40-60 year old guys who dress up in little girly outfits and poop themselves... wierd me out. No offense to anyone... it's just not my cup of tea. Now if a woman were to do this I wouldn't mind it as much... so I suppose it is a reaction based upon my sexuality. However I do preach "live and let live"... and what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business... but I don't think it is fair to anyone to go and try to push yourself on the unsuspecting and generally closed-minded public like that. Society in general is just not ready for that kind of shock.

    As far as the "diaper trainers" comment goes... I believe that was addressed towards me seeing as I am probably the most well known and outspoken supporter of 24/7 diapering for the non-IC individual out here (that was a mouthful, eh?). I will say that I do not completely understand why many AB/DLs are so set against us. I have had a number of people on several different boards tell me that I am sick or crazy for wanting to be dependant on diapers for the rest of my life. I think much of this stems from the way the desire is presented. People have labelled us as "Desiring Incontinence"... and that is the wrong way to look at it. I believe that we do not so much desire to be IC as we just have the need to be diaper dependant and feel as natural about using our diapers as is possible.

    As other threads have pointed out... it is not so much total IC that is achieved as it is an intimate comfort with wearing and using in any situation. It does give you a newfound appreciation for your body and its scheduling, as well as the ordeals that the IC individual has to go through on a daily basis. If you want to relate it to IC at all... it is not so much a physical block as it is a mental one.

    Now to relate that back to "full regression"... I think we could all benefit from a little more tolerance of the extremist members of our particular interest. A great motto for life is this... Do whatever you need to be happy, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else.

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