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Thread: To those who are ab/dls and in a relationship

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    Default To those who are ab/dls and in a relationship

    Ok so I would like to have a relationship with a girl, but what causes me concern is that if it was to go long term how would I manage the DL side? I enjoy sex (admittedly only done once) and also wearing, so my question is to those who have another half-how do you balance both when having a wife/girlfriend/partner/boyfriend etc and also how do you tell them about it

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    Alright man, you sitting down?

    Here it is.

    Do not take the relationship to the next step, I repeat do not take the relationship to the next step "UNTIL" you tell them. This is the point where things get serious. Where it will lead? Who knows. You have to take that plunge though because it will bite you in the ass later on into it.

    You need to make sure they are someone who is absolutely head over heels into you for EVERYTHING you have to offer. They have to see there any many levels to you as to what makes you. If you have that chemistry, you are ready but take a deep breath first and mentally prepare yourself for the outcome to go either way.

    I think the key factor is for them to know that by getting the chance/time to know you as a person that stereotypes are bullshit. Sit em down. Tell them what they mean to you. Tell them it's tearing you up inside that you can't keep secrets from them anymore because you love AND ...yes AND respect them to continue things further until they know the full you.

    At that my point my friend, it's all you. Pour your heart into it and just explain that it doesn't change anything about who you are but at the same time it is a part of you and it will always be a part of you.

    Hope they understand and either reap the benefits in a understanding embrace or cry in a corner. i kid about the last part but at the same time I offer my window of advice if you ever want to send me a pm. Good luck.

    Oh and I need to add that I would normally answer your other question but I think you need to focus on one thing first. All in good time.
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    I met other men who were also into diapers so it be easier for me to be accepted and then I met my husband. I think wearing them 24/7 isn't a problem and it doesn't stop you from having sex. You just take the diaper off and have it and you also wear them under your clothes. But of course as a guy, it's harder to meet a women who is into it too.

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    Hi :3
    I have a mate, and he was the first person I ever told about my liking of diapers, and he supported me through the way to self acceptance, and one day, he said that we were practically a couple by how we act and if I wanted to go on with that, and we became a couple.
    We've been together for over a year and a half, and he says he's fine with, and actually finds it cute. He has done the caretaker role twice for me, and even wore a diaper too the first time, to show me he was ok with it and that I didn't need to be ashamed. We can only see each other every couple of months, but we get through life talking on the phone, messaging and chatting. I sometimes do feel I let the cub side in too much, but so far it has only been a problem once, when I was really stressed and when to the pharmacy to buy a pack of diapers at like 3 am, and he got worried about me getting too much on the fetish.
    I think if the other person really loves you, they will make an effort to understand, support and help you when needed, as far as you don't over obsess with that part of you ;3

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    My boyfriend and i have been together nearly three years. He knew from day one that I was a babyfur and we met through a mutual DL/babyfur friend.
    He's not only ok with it but also an occasional diaper wearer himself, he finds me cubby side adorable and while the chance to fully cub out has never arisen, I tend to go to bed cubbed out whenever we're togther and i get the chance.

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